Auto on/off motion & sound detection for 2 people/phones

I have a number of Wyze cameras in my house. What I would like to do is to have them automatically turn on motion/sound detection when BOTH my phone and my wife’s phone leave the house (i.e. when we both are not home). But if one or both of us are home with our phones the motion/sound detection for our cameras stays off. This allows us to get notifications when the house is unoccupied, but avoids unnecessary notifications when either one of us or both of use are there.

I would really like this to be able to be done completely within the Wyze app itself, but if I had to use a combination of apps that might work also. I know IFTTT can do some of this, but I don’t think it can know whether both phones are gone from the house.

Suggestions? Ideas? Arethere apps that can be used with IFTTT to could accomplish this? Anyone else done this? Thanks in advance.

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I think that is a great idea. Not sure how the app would know if you are home or not. Maybe it triggers off when you disconnect from your home wifi.
If you only use cell it may not know and think you are always away from home.

One of my devices is always on cell (phone) while my tablet is on wifi when home and on cell when its with me out of the house.

I keep forgetting to put my phone on wifi as it has 12G plan so I dont care as much.

You can do this with IFTTT. For a single user, it can be done with only the IFTTT app. For multi user, you need a third party tool that integrates multiple phones’ GPS locations. One such app that will work with IFTTT is Life360.