Motion/sound on off and IFTTT intergration?

I have several other security cameras from other manufacturers and just purchase my first Wyze cam. On the other camera’s apps there is a switch to put motion detection to sleep (turn it off) without affecting the IFTTT integration so when I leave my designated area, the security cameras will automatically (with the help of a IFTTT recipe) turn motion detection on and then (with the help of a different IFTTT recipe) put the cameras motion detection back to sleep (turn off motion detection) when I return.

My question is if I manually turn off motion detection in my Wyze cam app will IFTTT still be able to turn the motion detection back on when I leave my designated area?

My other question relates to Sound. I’ve noticed that if I manually turn motion detection off, the camera will still alert me for any sounds it picks up. Is there any way to turn both motion and sound off/on at the same time so that when I turn off motion it also turns off sound? If not…Are there any IFTTT recipe that would allow me to turn sound off/on when I leave/return to my designated area like there is for motion detection?

Question 1: Yes, IFTTT can turn on motion detection if it has been turned off manually.

Question 2: No, motion and sound detection are independent. There is currently no IFTTT Action available for turn sound detection on/off.


Thanks for the quick response.

That’s great news on question 1.

On question 2, do you foresee a similar IFTTT recipe for Sound being created? It sure would be convenient to have the ability to turn both on or off based on location.

I’m not a Wyze employee and I don’t have any special knowledge of what’s planned, but I did add your vote for IFTTT sound toggle action to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

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I have another request for future upgrade.

I installed an SD card and set my Wyze for Continuous Recording as I feel, 10 to 12 seconds of recording for motion or sound with a 5 minute reset before it will record again is really not terribly useful when you are trying to see what is going on in my home. My other security cameras have at the very minimum 40 seconds of recording time with no more than a 30 second reset time before being able to record again.

Thus the reason I selected Continuous Recording, to overcome these limitation. However…

Now I find that even if I turn Motion and Sound off manually, Continuous Recording still continues to record.

For Privacy I would like to see, Wyze create a recipe with IFTTT to turn “ON” Motion, Sound, and Continuous Recording, when I leave my designated area, and then turn “OFF” Motion, Sound and Continuous Recording, when I return to my designated area. This can be in one recipe or with several for those who may want one or more of these to not be controlled this way.

It is not very convenient to have to remember each time I am going out to turn these 3 items On and then remember to turn them all back Off when I return home. I’m sure most everyone else who has this camera feels the same way.

Please add this request for the Wyze Development team. Also, is there somewhere where I can also send this request? After all…the old adage…the squeaky wheel gets the grease might put this request higher on the list.



PS Where on the SD card is the continuous recordings stored? I would like to be able to view them or send them even if the Wyze app is not turned on. Just in case the Wyze app somehow becomes inoperable.


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I agree! I would love a way to disable motion, sound, and continuous recording when I am home. But turn on sound, motion, n continuous recording when I am not home. And even turn it all back on when I am home but after 1am, when I am sleeping…