IFTTT Abilities (turn on sound detection)

Just curious why you can turn on motion detection with IFTTT but not sound detection?

Nobody knows? I cant see any reason that it shouldnt also be there

Nobody from Wyze visits the forums? :frowning:

Maybe I’ll try on IFTTT forums

What do I win for stumping everyone with a super simple question? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well obviously not. What I’m saying is why is it not a supported action. If it was a supported action this post wouldn’t exist.

It stands to reason that if one setting can be toggled that others would be able to as well

Saw a Wyze person reply to an email recently… hopefully get something on this one?

Hi I would like to know if it possible get free short video recording using ifttt. I thought get the video when the camera got sound detection. Im going to use it when nobody was at home. <!–more–><!–more–>

Every time sound or motion is detected it takes a 12 second clip (2 seconds before and 10 seconds after I believe). The only drawback is you can only do it once every 2 minutes or so (I think its 2 minutes). So if something moves, it takes the 12 second clip and then it wont take another clip until 2 minutes later if there is still movement