Record Short Video Clip

I have a metal detector driveway sensor that sends a signal to Maker then to IFTTT then when it triggers, it used to turn on my Wyze Cam and “Record a Short Video Clip”.

I noticed both of these quit working in Dec. 2019 at the same time. I didn’t realize this until I started searching footage from an event and it wasn’t there. Basically, my security has been wide open for months and I never knew it.

I use this method because I live in the country and deer and other wildlife will trip regular motion detection. This system has work perfect until December.

Solved. I had to delete them and recreate them using the Website and not the mobile app. Not sure why they just turned themselves off tho.

Good to hear. But FYI

Let me say this, IFTT is gonna miss the bus big time on this as almost any program now has routines. I been using my API for my personal stuff for a long time, Might be a good time to go public lol!!!