IFTTT triggers vs. Wyze “cooldown”

Hey, all. I’m pretty new to Wyze, but I’m an old hand at IFTTT. Here’s my question: Does the Wyze cam’s “cooldown” period trump an IFTTT trigger?

It has been my observation that they do. In other words, … suppose I have two IFTTT recipes set up to “record a short clip” on the same Wyze cam. If both IFTTT triggers fire within 5 minutes, only the first one will actually cause a clip to be recorded.

Question: Is this “by design” or do I just have a bug to work out in my workflow?


I’m not 100% sure, but I think they have separate cooldown periods. So, if the camera motion detection triggers a clip, and an IFTTT trigger fires 2 minutes later, you’d get both. But it might be that the IFTTT trigger will only fire once within a 5-minute period.

Someone else might be able to give you a definitive answer.

I think you are correct because I know that if you have 2 cam detected events there is the cool down, and I believe 2 sensor events have a cool down but one can fire right after the other so IFTTT triggered is probably the same

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That’s what I remembered, too, but I wasn’t 100% sure about the cooldown on externally-triggered recordings. (Like sensors, IFTTT, etc) Glad to have a second brain remembering the same thing. Haha.

I hope I am remembering correct, a quick search and could not find it. I will have to do some testing when I get home though.

I just tried the sensor-triggered videos and I actually can get multiples right after each other, which isn’t what I remembered. But it’s certainly possible that they’ve imposed separate limits for IFTTT. I don’t have anything set up in IFTTT that triggers recordings, so that would require a bit more testing.

Then it is probably sound triggered that I was thinking of that also has a 5-minute cool down.

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Ah, yeah. Now that you mention it, that sounds right actually.

I figured out a way to test it, I set up an IFTTT applet that when I trigger a virtual switch I set up in SmartThings it would record from a camera. I ran it to check and be sure it worked, verifying that it worked I ran it every minute and it did not record another one until 5 minutes had passed. This means that I am fairly certain IFTTT triggered events are subject to a cool-down. I just do not know if it is cool down between scene events as they are called in the app or if it ties into cam motion events, on this I am betting they are separate.

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