Hello, just set up a new Wyze cam pan with IFTTT to call a webhook - I found it working very inconsistently, the BEST I can tell, it will not trigger more frequently than every 5 minutes - I turned off everything optional such as detection zone and follow motion (which I don’t actually need in this case) has anybody else noted this behavior?

Addendum I do record on motion to SD but do not have push notifications


That is the default behavior on captures. There is a limit/delay of 5 minutes after an event is triggered and recorded.

Note: Event Videos for each type are limited to being recorded once every 5 minutes. Different types won’t interfere with one another (Motion and Sound can trigger back-to-back for example), but same-type Events will have a 5-minute timer associated with them before another will be recorded.

See: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022543292-Wyze-Cam-User-s-Guide