Wyze Cam V3 for Bird Photography: Selectable time delay until the next motion detection/trigger

I have camplus and I am using a Wyze cam V3 to trigger the shutter of a DSLR to take photos of birds landing on my bird bath via IFTTT. However, V3 does not generate IFTTT triggers frequently enough for me to capture adequate shots. It looks like it only generates a motion trigger to IFTTT every 20-30 seconds.

It would be very helpful if the time delay until the next IFTTT motion trigger is selectable from 1 to 30 seconds. This would give me more bird shots to select from while not wasting my shutter life as I currently have to use burst shots as a workaround.

Thank you!

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I could be wrong, but I think this could be more an issue on the IFTTT side. IFTTT does not guarantee trigger check interval, but gives you an estimate of when they ususally run for a given applet. Here’s more info:

But… thinking about this some more, Wyze would only generate a motion trigger when new motion is detected. This would apply to IFTTT as well as push notifications, rule triggers, etc. When new motion is detected, the camera starts the recording and the server sends out appropriate triggers. If it sent out continuous triggers while that motion was still occurring, then the recipients of those triggers would be getting swamped. A trigger occurs once for each new motion detection and I think this is pretty well baked into how the interaction between the cameras and the server happens. So on the Wyze side, I doubt that sending out triggers say every 1 second for a single event is something that is feasible.

Also, as an aside, as of May 23rd, IFTTT is reducing the number of applets provided for free accounts from 5 to 2.


I was thinking that, as well.

However, maybe the request is to allow motion to provide still shots per frame while the motion is occurring. Maybe have a DSLR setting.

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Maybe purchase a DSLR that includes a time-programmable burst feature (time between shots, number of shots per burst, time-length of burst). One trigger per programmed camera burst is easier than a burst of triggers to simulate a single in-camera burst. Could be cost prohibitive to the OP though.

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Exactly. Thank you Seapup! The whole point is to protect the DSLR shutter as it has a limited life between 100k-300k actuations. I could be using burst mode (with timer) all the time but my camera shutter will die much more quickly lol. Instead, I definitely don’t want to press the shutter when the bird is gone. Therefore, having a more frequent motion-detect signal will give me a higher confidence
in pressing the shutter, knowing that the bird is still there, without wasting shutter counts.
I don’t use burst mode for now and am happy to shoot 5 pics in succession with a delay of about 1s between each shot. So far working well for me.


Yes, it is for still shots. I can see others point about videos but the server can simply ignore the frequent motion trigger signals until the current recording ends. Simple implementation, I guess.

Got it. thumbsup2