Known Person Detection (Facial Recognition)

I second what jeff007 said - just need basic face detection to filter out false alarms. Modern machine learning algorithms like this can easily be compressed to run on-camera.


In addition to the person notification, have an option for a SPECIFIC person notification. This is especially valuable for women who have a restraining order against a violent husband, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, etc. Such women would want to respond immediately to a notification only if the person with the restraining order shows up (and not the UPS delivery person, e.g.). I imagine this would work by putting a photograph in front of the camera, then pressing a special option such as “train AI to recognize person in photograph.”

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A bit like nest?


I know part of the issue with some companies implementing this is that some states are starting to make facial recognition an illegal thing, Illinois was a big one when it happened there and I have heard of some states following suit

Yes, that would b gr8, my neighbor live feeding cat so I get lotsa cat, racoon, posum in my camera zone.

Yes, am interested, would b gr8 2 get notification that kids r home from school, especially teen age kids passd their curfew.

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Really, there’s already people detection, & U want animal detection. Motion detection does that already, & it c all the little vermit passing my yard. The Wyze cam misses nothing.

I guess it just me. I sort of have a need for such a feature.

Please enable your cameras to tap into Google Photos/Assistant to recognize faces and sync with Google Home to announce when people you know are in view. This would be especially useful for people like me who use my camera at my front door. It’d be great if Google Home/Assistant announced when ‘Grandma’ or a friend had arrived.


I know this is a hard one to implement because some states are making any form of facial recognition illegal

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I think it would be great to have facial recognition of known people and have the option to filter on unknown persons. For legalities I think selling it with this feature is not the issue it would be up to the owner of the camera to disable it if it is illegal in their local.

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So, the good news is that it’ll work based on personal accounts, so it’s only the people you spend time labelling in Google Photos.

Wyze please make facial recondition. Even if it means a monthly subscription i’m sure lots of people will want it!

Agree. We tried the Tendz cameras similar pricing and they have great facial recognition. So I doubt its limited to the existing hardware. Solution seems straight forward if Wyze had the right mathemeticians to generate specific algorithm for a face via app and then that algorithm is stored on phone and sent to cameras or servers(depending on where alert is actually triggered). It doesn’t take much space, memory, or space if properly developed. Again Tendz solved this one!

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Agree. Tendz has and doesnt charge for facial recog. and they are competitively priced cameras.

Wow thats awesome. But I just wonder how sustainable that is to keep offering for free if the facial recognition part is being done on a remote server as costs will eventually increase with time.

Without the system determining who is being recorded, it’s impossible to effectively create accurate events. The countless resulting events (of an occupant cleaning the house or coming home) render notifications useless and management necessary.

There is a new product out called SimCam which integrates facial recognition. I wonder if Wyze can find a simpler and cheaper way to achieve the same.

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Facial recognition tech on wyze cam would be nice to identify familiar faces by letting users upload faces in the wyze app and having the ability to add names to the faces.

Free open source software is already available that uses python

linked here - GitHub - ageitgey/face_recognition: The world's simplest facial recognition api for Python and the command line

I think that facial recognition is something everyone needs on a camera but, Wyze would probably not be able to use it on their existing cameras so, they would need to develop a new camera.

I remember about a year and a half ago, Tuya sent out a press release about a camera they were developing with person detection and facial recognition. They were going to couple it with a deadbolt that would lock a door when an unrecognized face showed up on the camera. Since then I’ve heard nothing more about it.