Known Person Detection (Facial Recognition)

Would love to see facial recognition added to either the existing cam v2 or a v3 model. It would be great to have this close to the the front door so it could tell who is home and trigger automation’s based on the individual. The Netatmo Indoor Cam would be a good example of this functionality. Netatmo also just added HomeKit Secure Video to their cam and somehow were able to keep the facial recognition feature within their app active which I think would be huge if Wyze was able to do that as well.

First, I understand the current political implications associated with my wish.

Specifically, I would like the option to opt-in to the use of person detection on the outdoor camera.

This second sub option would be unique to wyze and improve our little user community. This option would allow wyze to use the person detection to correlate to the missing children’s database and the FBI’s most wanted. I would love to help find missing children and the FBI.

I would think, It would be good public relations for WYZE to start this initiative.

@dubgcoberly, I’ve merged your submission here because to be able to recognize a child, this wishlist topic would have to come first.

Regarding Person Detection, bear in mind that current Wyze person detection recognizes the presence of people, not individuals. Current Wyze PD is opt-in and will be so for the outdoor camera as well. You can read more about the outdoor camera here: Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam.

I believe that would be a restriction for the government. Our phones, google, FB all have some form of facial recognition.

Great idea, please add this Wyze.

I am wondering if Wyze can soon add in a log where you can save faces and then if they are nearby on a Wyze cam like one mounted outside (until a weatherproof one comes out) then on Alexa or Google Assistant it will announce who is at the (location name).I think this will be cool especially for outdoor located cameras,but you should add it to be that we also decide what camera can be able to announce or maybe trigger an Alexa/Google Assistant Routine.


I would say tho for facial recognition it would be great if there was a system where the camera logs the faces and then Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant says whatever name and we decide what camera is saying it,such as if I have it at my front door then it will announce the name in the facial log so then I can easily know who is at the front door,hopefully when the Wyze doorbell comes or similar to that this feature will be easily available,it will get a screenshot and save it from any time to make sure it is the correct person with it including a feature that you can upload a photo and it will recognize whoever it is when they are seen,It would be cool to see this in the future.


Hi @UserCustomerGwen . Can you create Face recognition to work with powered Wyze cams? I have a few predetermined people who I have access to the house door with the Wyze Lock on it. When the camera detects their face, the Wyze Lock unlocks.

That would be awesome! I know that we’re working on facial recognition but I’m not sure if it will be tied to these other concepts (trusted people, etc.) yet.


Can you pass on this idea to the engeniers? Or maybe @mike.s can chime in on this idea? If Wyze cameras had this feature, than Nest Hello cams would be irrelevant. And would make my dream of integrated Wyze house a reality.

I want to add another idea to my OP. Wyze camera detects my face, unlocks the Wyze lock and sets the Wyze Thermostat to my desired temperature while turning On the Wyze bulb which lights my staircase and the living room Wyze bulb as well. Same can be applied for when my wife comes home but different temperature is set on the Wyze Thermostat.

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Mike isn’t the right person for this one but I did share it with the team. :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated.

I hope we do get facial recognition! I would want to only get notified if an unfamiliar face was detected. I also see Wyze is “researching” car detection. Could we get car recognition too so you only get notified when and unfamiliar car or person is detected?

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I could see car recognition being more challenging to get right but I’ll share this with the team. :slight_smile:


Yeah just thought it would be a cool idea! Person Detection, Facial Recognition, and Car Detection is enough for me :slight_smile: maybe car recognition is something to think about in like 10 years lol


A very cool thought indeed! I’d settle for License Plate Recognition but that’s also somewhat outside the purview of a smart home… :grinning:


That one may take different hardware. I’ve seen a lot of reports of Wyze Cam v2 not being great for reading license plates. But that would be awesome! :smiley:


Agreed. License plate number need different hardware. However, since Wyze cam can detect a human, than facial recognition is the next logical step. Would love to see this feature come to fruition. Even if I have to pay a few dollars like the continuous recognition. I would sign up.


I’ll share that with the team. :slight_smile:

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Was considering signing up for the people alerting functionality - but the # of notifications I receive already is too many due to the fact that my family & familiar people are constantly in the field of vision. Don’t want to ignore people / motion during specific periods as our schedules are erratic. What would be ideal is that the software was smart enough to ignore / whitelist certain people.

Simply saying that there’s a person in the field of interest isn’t terribly difficult programmatically - providing additional and configurable logic however would be a real boon.

IMHO - that would truly be subscription worthy!