Cameras will not record people

I have 6 Wyze cameras. We started with only one in our living room and it worked great. I tested it pointing it out the window and it appeared to work. I ordered 5 more. All are pointed out the window. Trees and even little things with the wind set them off on motion detection. A light in the window comes on and it catches it and records on motion detection. They absolutely will not record people. I have been working outside for awhile back and forth and nothing. The only time it caught me was when it was setoff by something else such as a branch waving and happened to catch me in the recording. I have stood in front of the windows and paced back and forth for 10 - 20 minutes nothing. I have jumped up and down in front of them nothing. Mailman walks up and ring catches it but not Wyze. I have contacted support and they sent me to the documentation for motion detection. I have been through all of the documentation and setting and I have no idea what to do now.

Really all you can do right now is turn down the sensitivity and use a narrow detection zone that excludes the tree etc.

It is indicated that AI based person detection is in development. You can vote for it here:

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So I am confused. After more testing found that even the living room is not triggered by people either. I bought these to record people but what is being said here is I cannot do that because people do not trigger motion. This makes no sense for a motion sensors camera

I’m confused. I have four V2 cameras, three of which are outside and the forth is inside pointing outside. They have no problem detecting me or anyone else walking in the detection zone. I even have some nice video of Rocky the Racoon and a possum that triggered an event.

Any updates with this issue? I bought these cameras to watch for human body movement at night because of car break ins but it seems to only be detecting people and everything else during the day. Then at night time it only detects the cars and headlights.

I just came across this Topic, I’m not sure if you stayed with the Wyze cams, so i wanted to let you know that they do now have AI for person Detection :smiley: So if you were looking at them for this particular reason, it is available.

Adjusting my camera angles fixed mine not working. It went from not working at all to working 9 times out of ten. It even detected the little kids outside correctly!