I have never had a person detected, do I have to 'share' a video with people in it many times for it to work?

See title. I have two V2 cams at various places and I have gotten a single video with a person detected. I don’t mark that many videos as having people in them but I have sent at least 10-20 or so. I don’t expect it to work perfectly as it’s beta but to never detect a single time seems like something’s not working.

If you go to Account>>Wyze Service>>Person Detection, do you have that turned on for all cameras you wish to use it on?

Make sure you reboot your cameras. One time I updated the firmware and it didn’t detect anyone walking by til I rebooted the cameras.

Yup, the setting are all turned on. Right after I posted this topic, as you might have guessed, I got my very first ever person notification, so I have my first hit.

In the hopes of eliminating numerous non-person detections (moving tree shadows), I tried lowering the sensitivity almost all the way down. This resulted in getting zero person detections for motion, even if a real person triggered the ‘regular’ motion detection. Sliding sensitivity back towards the middle brought back consistently accurate person detection along with the expected increase in nuisance regular motion events.

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reboot as in power off?

Yup. In the Live stream, hit the settings button, and then hit Restart device button on the bottom. Or if you’re close to your camera, just unplug it and plug it back in.

If you can unplug your cam and put it back, in that’s a power cycle and is the last step before reinstall,factory reset and flash. Leaves you with your settings intact.
My understanding is restart is only a software function. Start at the beginning and hope you don’t need to go the whole route.
Best of luck!

It’s working much better for me now. I think my issue was that my detection zone was too small (in an effort to not get so many recordings from cars driving by), now my detection zone is large enough to capture the entire person, it’s getting a good % of people detected, but now the cam constantly gets triggered every 5 minutes when a car drives by. (I live on a relatively busy street) so during the 5 minute cool down, it’s not flagging anything.

The way it “should” be working is something enters the detection zone, a motion clip is generated, and the whole frame of that clip is analyzed for person detection. This is still new and can be buggy, but in theory the size of the detection zone is not supposed to matter. Just that something entered it to begin the clip.

Person detection is working a lot better in this firmware, catches people 95% of the time. Other 5%, it’ll detect a person as plain motion. Same spot/different times. Very impressed by it though.

That’s good news. Any chance the 5% falls into the “don’ts” category below?


Yeah, I do have it behind a window. But there were 2 times that identified a bush as a person because it was very windy

My V2 has NEVER seen a person. Yes, it is enabled.

Person detection a lot of times glitches out after an update. Just reboot the V2