Improve the Wyze Sensor mounting glue / adhesive

The are of the glue in magnet part is too small and the magnet part does fall off the door - in particular when the door is exposed to sun warming.
Improve the glue. Look at 3M VHB Red glue patch/tape.

Sorry about that! How long have you had your Wyze Sense kit? I hear we did make an improvement to the adhesive for newer ones and I want to see if you’re still having that experience with the new adhesive.

The adhesive is verifiably weak and degrading with heat.

There are several reliable adhesive mfg and tapes.

In addition – Wyze stopped working: now vodeo, no switch or sensor operation when internet was disrupted. This is a killer. Systems without local full control have very limited value.

Could you please tell me how long you have had your Wyze Sense kit?

As for the internet disruption issue, do you have a microSD card in your Wyze Cam? I’ll give your feedback to the team though the sensors are definitely WiFi dependent.

I have my Wyze maybe 2 weeks. The SD card is in. As soon as the internet went down, the signaling from door sensors stopped, and the video from the camera vanished. The WiFi functioned fine it just did not have outside world access. The i-net was being turned on and off during the 24 hours period as they repaired something, and for those brief periods of internet presence Wyze was coming back to its senses.

Wyze Cams need WiFi connecting to external servers to provide the live stream, Event videos, and push notifications. You should still be able to record to a microSD card during this time. However, there is an RTSP branch of firmware in beta that can provide local access. The Wyze Sense kits are also going to need internet for their notifications. It’s likely that the red light came on to signal that they were recognizing the activity but they did not have a way to inform you during the outage.

What are the temperature and humidity levels that your Wyze Sense is typically experiencing?

Thank you for confirming the worse choices that Wyze made.

It is unwise for anyone to install anything for monitoring or security that stops working as soon as the internet connection is dropped for whatever reason.

For fun or for some other non-critical or not-needed functions – a maybe.

We are sorry to hear that the products that we provide are not fitting your needs and hope that you find something better suited to your use case. I will share your feedback with the team.

After installing two Wyze contact sensors on two wooden doors/frames, I left the beach house I care for. Within three days, one of the contact sensors fell off – likely the one affixed to the door frame.

Now, until I return to the house – in several weeks – I have a contact sensor indicating that the door is open, which it’s not.

And when I do return, I have no idea how to re-affix the contact sensor to the door frame. I’m sure the original adhesive is now useless.

There’s plenty of double sided foam tape, command strips and such on the market.
I would suggest trying something like that.

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My sense foam tape gave up in the garage heat and will no longer stick to any surfaces. It’s currently stuck onto aluminum labeling and surface was cleaned prior to installing. The tape lasted less than a week after installing and was removed.

I had some adhesive putty available so I used that and it has worked way better than the original sticky pad. The downside is that it’s blue… ha

I highly recommend 3M Permanent Double-sided mounting tape. About $4.27 USD.


Mine gave up as well, within 36 hours of indoor use. Surfaces well cleaned before they stuck on.

I’ve had mine for 20 days now. A bunch of my magnet sensors and the motion sensor fell off due to insufficient adhesive.

My door sensors fell off the next day (mounted indoor on painted door frame). My motion sensor is still up on the painted drywall since the pre-orders shipped. Actually lost part of my door sensors so gave up on those… I think the curvature of my door frame isn’t helping the issue

I’ll share this feedback with the team. Could you please show me images of the surfaces that they didn’t stick to if possible?


Thank you! I’ll show this to the team.

I have the same type of trim and my magnet piece fell off. I ended up taping it for now, I’m scared its going to fall and get lost/end up outside.