Wyze Sense sensors falling off

My sensors consistently fall off or get stuck when opening/closing the doors or sliders. It’s alsways the smaller section. Anyone else having theses issues?
I cleaned the surface before placing but it still didn’t help. Getting a little frustrated . I love them when they stick properly

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You can always pick up some small 3m strips at your local walmart and use those too,. I dont know how you are getting them stuck unless they are being installed improperly. Care to show a picture of one you’re having issues with?


To test mine out on a couple of doors , I taped them on with black tape Temporarily Until I get some command strips , they work perfectly .
I decided to see how long The black tape would hold them and it has been 8 days now

I’ve been having the same issue and I too cleaned the surface… I’m probably going to try getting some 3M tape this week or trying some other type of adhesive. Possibly some Gorilla glue?.. I’m also going to try to move the smaller magnet further away and see if that will help too.

I found the smaller magnetic part of this on my floor this morning, only 11 days after sticking it to my door. The door was open all night, as it usually is, so it didn’t bump the larger side. The rear side is unpainted, and is as received from the factory. So, out to buy some command strips today to remount it.

Wyze – look into the sensor glue issue, please.


Same issues with mine.

The 3M Command Strips work perfectly! its been over 30 days since switching out the adhesive strips. I cut mine to fit the smaller magnet and there is zero movement in the magnet when opening and closing the doors.