Wyze sense not sticking

I’ve had 2 wyze sensors for a while and neither is sticking, the small part. They just magnetize to the larger part and hang to it no matter how many times I restick them :worried::disappointed: even tried using command strips. Help!!!

Hi, @dmahlitz! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the adhesive tape. What type of surface is the adhesive not sticking to? Do you have a picture of your Wyze sense setup?

It’s painted wood molding around both doors.

One of mine fell off too. You can scrape off the original tape and get foam mounting tape squares at Dollar Tree and cut one in half. Works fine.

Wyze Sensor Mounting Bracket,Screw Mount Solution
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Same problem here - 4 of 4 Wyze Contact sensors applied to painted wood door trim fell off. Yeah, I could buy another solution, but… First time I’ve been disappointed in a Wyze product.

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SUGRU! Get it on Amazon. Follow the instructions and it works like a champ! You’re Welcome. :grin:

You might get a roll of double stick or double sided tape at Home Depot or your local store.