Sense won't stick to wood sash

Can’t get the window/door sensors to stick to my wood sash.

Is it painted? Is it YOUR wood sash, so you could put holes in it. Or can you paint over it with magnetic paint? (a paint primer with tiny iron dust particles mixed in)
/edit - strike the comment about magnetic paint,

Not painted. It’s mine. I can put holes/paint it

Magnetic paint is kind of “iffy”, I’d first try some other glue but be prepared for it to pull the paint AND some wood off if you tried to remove it.

The adhesive that comes on the sensor is pretty strong, so I’m surprised it doesn’t stick. Is the wood bare oil finished by chance? I could see that making it not stick. People have had a lot of luck with Command Strips, but if the stock adhesive doesn’t stick, I’m not sure those would either.

I plan to mount each of my sensors on the face side of a small piece of plexiglass using the mounting adhesive strip supplied with the sensors. This should make a firm and “permanent” bond of the sensor to the plexiglass. Then, I will use a 3M Command Strip between the back side of the plexiglass and the wall or trim moulding. This should allow me to remove and re-install any sensor (by severing the Command Strip) without disturbing the Wyze mounting pad or the sensor.

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No oil. It’s not sticking worth a darn. Seems counterintuitive that we have to buy command strips for this to work.
I’m sure for folks with new vinyl or aluminum windows this works fine but for those of us with wood windows, this is a letdown.

This is a silly question (don’t be mad)… but did you peel the backing paper off the foam adhesive on the back of the sensor?

This is a silly question (don’t be mad)… but did you peel the backing paper off the foam adhesive on the back of the sensor?


I guess I’d suggest you pick up some two-sided foam tape or command strips at the grocery or hardware store. If that also doesn’t stick, then there’s something about the finish on this wood that’s the problem. However, if those do stick well, then perhaps there’s something defective about the adhesive on your particular set of sensors and you could ask Wyze to replace them.

Unfortunately the adhesive double-stick tape that came with the units would not stick to the painted wooden beams for my garage door. I ended up using gorilla double sided mounting tape and they aren’t going anywhere. Sensors are working great, though the range could be improved IMO.

Make sure the surface is clean as well before trying to stick the sensors to it. This is true even when using command strips. Isopropyl alcohol works best for prepping. :slight_smile:

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Just adding my experience here. I mounted the Sense contact sensors on my doors and frames, so I have 3 different surfaces:

  1. Vinyl sliding door and frame
  2. Aluminum wood-textured door
  3. Metal door frame

Today both contact sensors activated to say Open, and when I checked the doors the small magnetic side had fallen off both. One was stuck to the vinyl frame and one was stuck to the metal frame, both areas were prepped with 91% isopropyl alcohol and completely dried before mounting. The larger sensor part on the aluminum door was also loose and probably would have come off as well so I just removed it for now.

I mounted the sensors several days ago and yesterday it suddenly got up to 83°F outside so I’m sure thermal expansion played a part. I’ll have to get a hold of some 3M double-sided tape or Command strips and cut them to fit, then see if that holds up any better.

Oddly enough the motion sensor mounted inside my black plastic mailbox in full sun is still stuck on.

To be honest, I have never used the included adhesive pads. I have always used Command Strips to attach my sensors. Just my personal preference. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, I use Command strips for almost everything so I have some to try. I just wanted to try everything “out of the box” first to see how it worked. I was also thinking I could just stick a bar magnet to the metal door frame and get the same functionality. I’ll see what works.

I got some 3m mounting double-sided tape (didn’t have gorilla brand) and that seems to be working fine.
At least for the door sensors. Motion sensor is using the adhesive that came with it, stuck to a 2x4 in my shed. We’ll see how that goes but I’m not hopeful.

Wish they had replacement tape. Door sensor fell off twice. Holding it up with basic double sided tape until I can get 3m or something equivalent.

Just a guess here, but Wyze may not be selling replacement tape because it is such a common commodity (eg. 3M tape, 2-sided foam tape, command strips) that many folks keep around for general household use.

Another guess is that they don’t have the resources - personnel to make the deals with vendors, to test the strips, to answer support requests about the strips, to stock, ship and manage the inventory of the strips.

I didn’t count noses on the video from last Friday’s Early Access party but I think I saw less than 50 people.

I just hope they don’t start burning out and can hire more people with their ethics and vision.

Love overall What wyze is doing but if that’s the case ('everyone’s got 3m tape ') that would be disappointing.