Wyze Sense losing adhesive

One of my Sense contacts won’t stick to my door anymore. Any ideas on how to keep it in place without using glue?

Command strips, other types of 3m style foam tape, plenty of threads with results that have worked for folks in the forum about this very issue.




I had three of mine fall off, and this was after I carefully cleaned the surfaces with alcohol and allowed it to dry before applying them.
My solution was a small bit of duct tape. It works! I’ve got a couple of rolls around and I didn’t have to go out and buy any foam tape.

I had the same problem with the adhesive tape beginning to fail.

I made a screw-on support bracket with a Simpson Strong-Tie bracket.

Only two cuts and two drilled and countersunk holes. The tape does not have to withstand gravity loads.

See photos below.

Victor Maletic