Sense adhesive replacments

Will there be Sense adhesive replacments available, or would we use the scotch. If we have a change of mine for placement.

Using scotch or gin won’t help the adhesive but you might not mind as much :grin:
3M command strips are highly recommended.


@gemniii is 1000% correct. 3m command strips are the holy grail for any placement of cams, washers, or sensors. they are cheap, removable (without any marks) and are easily found in most any store.

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A failed install of a contact sensor in the garage forced me to have to remove the adhesive strip from the contact sensor (since it was covered in paint chips).
It would be nice to be able to purchase more since they are pre-cut to allow access to the battery compartment and are spongy so they can absorb a lot more vibration than command strips.

Better yet include several extra sets in each unit bought.
The cost of ordering & separate shipping would far outweigh the cost of a few extra “stickies”.