Sensor/camera adhesive

You should sell a moving pack of the adhesive! I know I can just order a roll of double sided tape but it won’t look as nice. I am moving next year and I know when I remove the door sensors, cameras, and motion sensors that the adhesive will be ruined. Maybe include adhesive for 5 door sensors 2 motions sensors and 5 camera sticker rings. For like $5-8 + shipping.

Just an idea anyways :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to purchase replacement sensor stickers. If I decide I want to move my device from one door to another, I would like to be able to purchase the stickers separately so I can easily place the sensor in a new location.

I was told I could purchase stickers from a hardware store… :/, but they would not fit as nicely as what came with the sensors.

Also, I would like to be able to purchase additional sensors. I first ordered these in August of last year, and now I understand that they cannot be ordered without the home monitoring service. I have preordered that service and am waiting for them to be shipped, but would like to be able to order these and any replacement pieces without having to buy a whole kit.

As a temporary solution to this while you wait for Wyze to provide perfectly fitted adhesive, what I have done is use velcro command strips like these:

Then I Cut them to the right size and stick one side to the sensor and the magnet and one side to wherever they’re going. They have always worked flawlessly. I’ve had some up for over a year with no problems. Others I move around to different places all the time, and this velcro option makes it really portable and easy to switch a sensor back and forth. It is also more convenient when I need to replace the battery, I can just take down the sensor and replace the battery and then stick it right back up with no hassle.

Honestly, it worked so well and was so convenient I actually stopped using the adhesive that came with the sensor (sometimes I’d just post the command strip over the unused adhesive, sometimes I’d even just rip the stock adhesive off, knowing I’d never use it now). I highly recommend it, and nobody else can even tell the difference because it’s all hidden behind the back of the sensor. It just gives me a whole lot more flexibility for making adjustments or moving it if I want to (especially helpful for motion sensor positioning or relocation).

Again, I am not disagreeing that it would be nice to have a fitted Wyze solution, I am just trying to help out those looking for a solution now while they wait since it’s worked so well for me.

Replacement Adhesive

It would be nice to have replacement adhesives and plates for the doorbell camera. Doorbell cameras eventually have to be moved if living at an apartment or other temporary housing or in case wrong placement occurs during setup.

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