No Adhesive on Back of Sensors

I purchased the Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle from Amazon. There’s no sticky tape on all the sensors.

I called Wyze’s tech support and I asked them to send me some replacements. THEY REFUSED and told me I have to get them from Amazon.

I spent five hours on this setup last night. All wasted.

Any ideas on how to get them to send me replacements?

Not sure about replacements beyond return to Amazon and reorder… But. It might just be a blessing in disguise for you.

The adhesive they are shipped with is WEAK. I had several of my motion detectors crash and burn when the adhesive failed. Caused a false alarm.

You might be better off going to the Big Box store and grabbing some 3M double sided clear adhesive (that’s what I used and it will hold a screaming gorilla to the wall) or Command Strips. You will only need 1 pack as you cut them to fit.

Hope this helps… Good luck

Thank you. I’ll try that.

It just amazes me how little the customer service rep cared for my business. She had no empathy and just wanted to get me off the phone.

I imagine Wyze doesn’t want to send out stuff that is not paid for… cuz some will absolutely take advantage of that. So, did you somehow prove to them that they came without the tape?

Wyze may not even have new OEM sticky tape easily available to them. So, prolly the best solution is to use yur own. Now that i think about it, velcro make work even better than the OEM stuff.

Did they ask for a photo of the sensors? No! They just flatly refused and I’m not one to take advantage of a company for missing sticky tape! I’ll bet you work for them.

And I volunteered to send them back as proof.