Mounting Tape Feedback

Got the Sense kit today. Really easy to set up and test. My disappointment is with the mounting tape. I assume the batteries are replaceable, but the tape is not. Point is, why not use a velcro-type mount to allow for unattachment/reattachment.


i put my door sensor on and the part on the door was wooden and i had to reposition it, needless to say, i ruined the backing in the first 5 seconds of owning it, had to to go out and buy 3M double sided tape. problem with velcro style probably is its bulkiness?


use 3m command strips. they are cheap, go on easy, don’t leave marks ….pretty much everything you could want in this use.


Or buy the velcro dots.
Or buy both.
For the cost of the 3 sensors like these by another manufacturer you can buy a lot of velcro and command strips.


Yep. I couldn’t get mine to stick but it was cold metal. I went out and got Command strips.

Though I agree it would be beneficial in some use cases, I think it’s fair to say that a majority of users do not want the sensor to be so easily removed and reapplied that they wouldn’t be able to know it was done. People put these on doors, drawers, etc to get notified if someone goes into them. If it’s on Velcro, anyone could super easily detach the magnet and attach it to the sensor without a notification ever getting sent, then put it back when they are done accessing the door/drawer etc (or simply steal it). Granted it’s not impossible to remove the tape either, but its some level of indication that it was tampered with, while the Velcro just invites removal.

Regarding the tape, I would like to add a request that instead of decorative stickers being included in the kit (that many throw out), that one or two sets of the doublesided adhesive backing be included per pack of four. The likelihood people would use that to reposition at least one sensor is quite high vs decorative stickers, The switch wouldnt likely add much if any cost at all, and would be far more useful, saving unnecessary trips to the store for a piece of doublesided tape.

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