Go and buy some 3M double sided as you wait for delivery of the Sensor

After you order the sensor go and buy some double sided tape and replace ALL of the factory tape (especially the small magnet tape.
Or do As I am and 3d print mounting cases.

Other than the tape no holding everything is good!


Agree that the factory mounting tape (especially on the magnet) just isn’t good enough most of the time. I used some 3M/Scotch white vinyl electrical tape ($3.98 at Home Depot) when mounting the sensor/magnet on a white surface/doorframe and just wrapped it over the top of the magnet. White tape on white magnet/sensor on white paint. Blends in pretty well.


Definately. I use the 3M VHB Waterproof Foam Tape for other types of sensors. Just be careful, it sticks.

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