Nano tape for sensors

I’ve had a heck of a time with my sensors falling off. The original tape was ok at first, but not so great. I had some double sided foam tape that I used instead, and that is failing now too. Doesn’t seem to weather well.

I just recently learned of, and purchased, something called nano tape. It’s a clear tape about as thick as the foam stuff, but it’s not coated with adhesive, it is the adhesive. It’s waterproof, washable, reusable. I believe it will work well when replacing batteries in the sensors, just wash it or wipe it and stick it back on. This stuff flows into surface nooks and crannies and just holds on, but unlike VHB, it isn’t permanent. I’ve got pictures hanging on the wall now and it’s holding well. I’ve ordered a batch of batteries for my failed sensors and will be using this nano tape to re-secure them in position. Every indication points to it doing better than anything else I’ve tried.

I searched on nano tape and found nothing here, so I hope this is good information for everyone, and not premature.

I found the tape on amazon, like so many other things, it’s hard to go shopping in a lock down… I hope this helps y’all!


Hello SteveJJ
I’m going to get some of that tape.
Some of the things I want to stick just don’t seem to like the tape I used.
Below are pictures of simple accessories that are compatible with the sensor’s supplied tape.

No problem with the factory-supplied tape.