Repositioning your contact and motion sensors - try reusable/washable tape

Including a sticky back on the new motion sensors, just like the contact sensors was a great move by Wyze. However, just like any peel & stick application, moving them more than a few times renders the sticky foam unusable.

I’ve been using this reusable sticky tape material and it works awesome! (This is a Scotch brand version that comes in tabs, but you can also just search on for “reusable tape” or “washable tape” which comes in rolls of various widths. )

It’s about 2mm thick, a bit like the foam that comes on the sensors. It’s clear, removable, washable/reusable, and very sticky. It feels a lot like those pads you can buy for your dashboard to set your phone on.

I bet it would work great on the magnet coins that come with Wyze Cams. I’ll give it a shot and see.

Pro Tip: Once you lose your sticky and move to this solution, peel off all of the original foam first so you get a good grip.


a lot of us have used ( with amazing results) 3M command strips too.

One difference I see is that the one you posted states it for for lightweight options, and depending how or where you mount what ever you are mounting, be that a sensor or a pan cam, you might want something a tad stronger.

upside to the command strip is you can buy what will work best for the situation. I found this on their website

Cool. Thanks for that. I’ll remove my idea.

You don’t have to remove it. There are so many things to do with wyze products it’s completely within reason to think that your product would work better in a multitude of situations for people, and if anyone would find those uses it would be this community

I’m with @Bam on this. The more ideas the better for the community. We all learn from each other. :slight_smile:

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