Sense Sensors attachment issues

I have had issues with my Sense door sensors due to the door being metal. The slim contact always falls forward towards the metal door when open due to it being metal/magnetic. This causes the sensor to misalign. When you close the door, the slim sensor gets smashed by the other side contact or the door itself. I have ruined the sticky backing on both sensors and had to use command strips to replace the sensors with the same issue reoccuring.

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I’d suggest using 3M tape like this. You can get it any any auto parts or hardware store. It is quite strong. Wyze does not sell any alternative tape at this time.

Thanks for the 3M tape suggestion. I live in Arizona and within a day of installing a number of sensors on aluminum window frames, they mostly fell off. I’ll give it a try.

Also, I didn’t receive “open” notifications when they fell off because ALL of them were offline. When I noticed two days later, I had to restart the camera so that the bridge would reactivate. I hope this doesn’t happen often.

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