Using sense on outward opening doors

how do I connect the sense door sensor if the door opens outward?



I guess you had got put some sticky tape on a different side of the small sensor than it comes with to have it sticks to door on a different surface than the frame - am I understanding the image correctly?

I have a similar situation and used 3m command strips cut to size cause I already hand some. But pretty much any good quality two sided tape will work.

Yes. 3M two sided strips cut to fit.

I did read that the thicker tape was on purpose to combat signal loss on steel doors/frames so I would suggest testing carefully if you have such doors.

thank you. 3M Command Strips have been recommended

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Also, my photos show a wood frame and metal door. With the “smart” half being on the wood frame I’ve had no problems.

would you generally say that the smart (larger) piece should always be on the most inert material?

I have no data to back it up, but I think that would be a good suggestion.
Although, I would prefer the magnet to be the part that moves, as opposed to the main unit.

Router the door Jam, then recess the parts in the Jam.
That’s how I did it.