Sense magnet glue needs to be stronger for an active door

My basement door sense magnet is mounted upside down on the casing with the bigger unit on the door itself. The sense magnet keeps falling down after about 20 door opening. Resorted to taping it and staple the tape for good measure. It does not look very good but it’s a basement door.


A lot of people on here are using 3M Command Strips, or other dual-sided tape or velcro strips to mount their sensors. Wyze is aware of the feedback in several posts about the adhesive strips on the sensors.

3M makes a double sided tape called ‘VHB’ supposed to be the ultimate…

I replaced the double sided tape on my sensors, no further issues.

My understanding is VHB has a tendency when removed improperly to take everything with it (EX: paint, drywall, etc.). Be sure you are placing the sensor exactly where you want it if you try VHB.