Wyze contact sensor adhesive type?

i’ve had 6 contact sensors installed for over a month now without any coming loose, but after reading about other peoples’ issues with the adhesive i’m thinking about swapping the tape out on mine anyway.

does anybody know what type of foam tape wyze used? is it commercially available in retail form? is the adhesive rubber or acrylic based?

i’ve got the sensors attached to latex painted trim and vinyl window casings. i’d like to have some idea of how well the installation will hold up to sunlight and cold weather exposure over time before i start tearing things apart to redo.

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I bought some 3M automotive double sided tape at my local auto parts store. It is very strong and weather proof to use on auto door moldings. It has worked well on my painted door surfaces.

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The 3M like red commercial adhesive tape, dots, strips etc. is readily available and extremely strong. (Amazon of course). Command Strips also wear well but aren’t as strong IMHOP.

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This is what I switched out mine to as well. It’s hot here and very wet before that so I feel confident advising on those conditions but no clue on cold.