Wyze sense adhesive

Will the adhesive on the back of the sensors damage a wood door frame if removed?

It’s pretty strong adhesive, so I would think it would likely affect the finish. You might want to remove the supplied adhesive and use command strips instead.


here here. I second the command strips. I use them and they support the camera wonderfully and are easy to remove


My adhesive stopped working in the sensor fell off


Are you saying the front fell off?

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Adhesive stopped working and the sensor fell off from where it was attached to the wall

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Get any of the 3m VHB series double sided tape (eBay, Amazon, local). That stuff sticks to anything. The “outdoor” rated tape will survive Armageddon.


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I had friel25’s problem also and will try Solardave’s suggestion, then advise results.

I did learn that the product is manufactured in different widths – comes off the roll in 1/8th inch, or half-inch, or one inch … A brick and mortar retailer likely can’t carry all options but a buyer can buy the one-inch width and cut down to the width of a sensor. Or spend money online. Assuming for the moment this works, the Wyze website might want to stock an inventory of this or similar product in transparent material, correct width, and small rolls (no point buying 15 yards for four, one inch long, sensors) and offer it for “difficult situation” surfaces for example, outside doors.

THAT said, I regret to complain that my contact sensor adhesive failures were not at all in difficult situations. Clean, dry, indoor, smooth metal surfaces at windows – and the magnet side of the switch dropped off as the weather cooled. If Wyze wants to test for a different adhesive on the product I’d be happy to be a beta site user. :smiley:

Was there an update to adhesive since sense go live?

Yes, I believe so.

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Thanks for engaging so quickly.

I have had the products about a month and had sensors actually installed a few weeks. Order was ID number P01-9931055-0096901 if that helps match the product I got, back to your inventory. Install date was, I think, Columbus Day Oct 14th. Might have been earlier that weekend.

I’ve had 3 glue failures so far out of 10 sensors from 3 kits. I can’t match which kit had which sensors, sorry. Of the 10, three are on doors with no problems, and seven are on (same sort of) vinyl window frames. I said metal in original post. They’re actually vinyl. Oops.

All three windows are on the east side of the house. (I have no windows on the north) The weather has cooled drastically here in Texas between mid-October and now. I am equally prepared to believe (1) the cooling may have embrittled the glue as I am to suspect {2] the sash shrank in cold night and morning temperatures, as did the the metal window frame / jamb so that the magnet pulled itself off the sash / stile trying to close the gap. One problem with EITHER guess is that I’d expect the magnet to leap over and attach to the sensor side instead of dropping to the stool.

The other worry is that as winter comes on, the south and west windows will also cool and have the sames sorts of failures. So I’m researching similar problems and prior solutions.

I’ll report findings as I go.

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