The Two Sided Tape On Sensors Is too Unstable It needs to Be Less Spongy

I have placed sensors on my front gate and on my garage. I don’t know what the parts of the sensor are called but I will refer to the larger section as “Contol” and the smaller as “Contact.”

When installing the sensors one of the first things I noticed was how unstable the installation of the contact is. First, it’s installed on one of the thinnest sides and secondly, the two-sided tape is so thick that the sensor moves back and forth to easily. It’s only a small problem In my experience, I’ve discovered that Murphy’s Law is correct and that whatever can go wrong will. So I figured eventually the contact will fall off and get lost. When I moved into my home I remodeled my kitchen including a DIY tile job. I’ve done tile before with mud but this time I decided to try the new Tile Adhesive Mat and it was far easier and after 5 years is holding up as well as Mud. I kept the leftover mat which is basically the same thing as the two side tape used on the sensors only thinner so I decided to replace the piece on the contact both on the garage contact and the front gate. I also placed it on one of the widest sides of the contact and they are both working perfectly and stable. I just thought I’d share. I really home that Wyze will consider changing the “two-sided” tape to something more like the tile contact paper.

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Hi, @TomAllyn. How long ago did you buy sensors? I would recommend looking at this #roadmap thread to see if they might have possibly already done what you are suggesting. Also, Wyze deliberately made the adhesive strips thicker to help sensors communicate with the bridge better when they are mounted on metal doors. :slight_smile:

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I’m considering this sensor mounting kit. Not affiliated in any way with this vendor

I actually just received them so they were ordered this month on different dates.

If you haven’t heard about it, try Surgu. It is a mouldable glue that starts soft and hardens in 24hrs. If you need to move or change very easy to do.

Do you mean, sugru?

Correct, damm auto fill… :smiley:

No I hadn’t heard of it until now, but I’m going to buy some today.

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I had a couple magnets fall off after several weeks even after using an alcohol prep pad. I reinstalled them with the good 3M black non-sponge double stick tape and they’ve been on for months. Some newer sensors, I didn’t even try the sponge tape and used the black rubber tape right from the beginning, one outside in the weather on my mailbox and it’s holding great.

Post how you like Sugru, it’s pretty impressive.

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Here is another alternative

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