Improve the Wyze Sensor mounting glue / adhesive

when did you guys upgrade the two sided tape? I ordered a couple months ago.

I ordered the Sense starter kit on August 4th 2019. Order ID - 743189. I had the motion sensor attached to a standard US interior wall made of gypsum drywall and a satin paint finish. The adhesive has already failed.

The one sensor that I am currently using is still attached to my metal door using the same satin paint finish. Though the magnet may be assisting here.

Please contact our support team so that we can send you replacements and log these problems. We’re sorry you had this experience, folks!

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I think the team should look at a plastic mount for the sensors which we could screw or tack with a small nail. had mine up on a door for maybe 3 days and well its not there no more and i cant locate the sensor.

now i am only testing the setup now as I’m moving in less than 2 weeks and will install the rest of the components in the new house.

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Hello Kerry.
To affix your contact sensor to the door/door frame reliably consider obtaining or making a plastic enclosure. I have seen nice printed plastic ones that are nailed to their mounting surface.
If you are artistic, nead enough epoxy putty to surround the sensor units with excess on the ends to drill or form mounting holes for the nail brads.
Victor Maletic

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I bought the Sensors pretty early on (5/2019) . I put a sensor on my shed doors so I could get alerted if I left them open. Lost the smaller magnet contact sensor within a few days. Assumed it was my fault by maybe placing them too closely together and it was “knocked off” on contact shutting the door. Maybe it was the heat/adhesive issues as well. I never found it in the grass or wherever it landed…

yeah this. satin paint on the door. stuck for about a week. blue tack putty stuff holding it up now.

This shows as ‘launched’, so in what timeframe did you buy your sensors? Very recent, or awhile back?

7/19 ordered. #644741 …after gwen’s first response here. maybe i received old stock

Well, she announced that on the 17th, and she is on the inside, so hard to say when that actually started shipping. I’d personally bet anything shipped 2 days later on the 19th wasn’t there yet. In post 23 above she offered to replace old units.

Or, you can also go with 3M command strips, which is what I did with my early access units…

yeah as indicated i’ve already found my own solution. just passing info along–not that big a deal unless they think everything’s all good.

Maybe certain devices that require sticking to things can use the Command strips. They are good for all surfaces.
Include them with the products?

I’m also having this issue with many of my sensors. they were ordered in May 2019 and started falling off shortly thereafter. Many are currently held up by duct tape. They are on clean painted surfaces.

You should get some mounting tape or mounting squares. It’ll work a lot better than duct tape. They’re similar to the type of tape that’s included on the original sensors. You can get a package of them at Dollar Tree for a buck, or anywhere else for probably slightly more than a buck. For the skinny magnet portion, you can cut a mounting square into thirds or so.

Oh I’m perfectly aware of what the answer SHOULD be, but the sensors are on a site I infrequently visit, and when they all crapped out, duct tape was on hand, my roll of 3M VHB was not.

I mostly just posted to point out another person was having the issue and hope they do something about it. Not sure when they actually updated their adhesive.

For a more permanent installation these would work great. I’m thinking about going this route myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wyze Sensor Mounting Bracket,Screw Mount Solution for Wyze Sense Starter Kit,Qunions Specific Holder for Wyze Motion Sensor and Contact Sensors, More Secure Than Adhesive Backing (1-Pack)


Yeah, I know they’re aware of it. I’ve had a couple issues, too, mainly with the magnet portion. I think that’s mostly just because of the form factor of the thing. It’s so long and skinny that it’s hard to get a good contact that doesn’t flex a ton, weakening the adhesive in the process. I haven’t had any issues with the motion sensors or the battery half of the contact sensor.

I have had the battery side of the sensor fall off as well unfortunately.

Going to replace the tape strips with the mounting brackets above on all of my sensors. The glue used on the strips just doesn’t hold up to time.

All my motion sensors have fallen off the wall after about 30 days. They are attached to standard indoor semi-gloss latex. Command Strips holding 15 pounds haven’t had the same issue.

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Exactly. Tape adhesive will eventually fail. I had one magnet side fall off for the first time this week. I put new tape on it but I know it will just fall off again sooner or later. I’m going to do the mounting bracket route as well.