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The Wyze “Wizards”. IMHO the only “wizardry” is how do they keep their jobs? Untrained and/ or incompetent are the first 2 words that come to my mind when I hear that name. Dangerous is another. I almost feel sorry for them. I would hate to have to deal with”me” without any training on the product I was being paid to support. However by the end of the call I am just plain angry at the fact that I again allowed such incompetence to east HOURS of my life.

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I hear you. They kept telling me the reason it was not working is that I am on the 5ghz network. I kept telling them the hub is Ethernet wired. It did not make a difference to them. It was my wireless network that was the problem, even though I am not attached to it. I hope you can reset the hubs.

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I agree that Wyze needs to come out with a siren for their homsecurity system Seniors with some hearing loss can barely hear it…likeme! John D.

Why can’t Wyze incorporate a commerically available siren into their system. John

I guess for the same reason they haven’t come out with the satellite chime siren that they have been saying that they are coming out with. They just don’t want to.

This was asked in an AMA and they said they are working on having one at some point:

They recently said they are also working to allow the siren to be set off on the chime devices as well so we can have a siren sound anywhere in the house, not just through the hub.
Would also be great to allow the siren to be linked through the cameras too.

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Thanks for the reply. You are always so optimistic.

No problem. I know Wyze can be really slow on a lot of things we really want and that can be frustrating for all of us. I think it goes back to something the founders were saying at the end of last year when they were asked about giving us 2K or 4K cameras. They said that coming out with a 2K or 4K camera wouldn’t be hard. They could definitely do it and they could do it fast. That’s not the hard part. BUT when/if they give us a 2K/4K camera, they want to make sure they get a good contract so they can offer it to us at an industry disrupting price for the amount of other things we get with it. So part of the slow delay for some devices isn’t necessarily that they can’t find a partner to do it with, but that they want to make sure their price negotiations are at the point where they can offer it to us for the amazingly low prices we are used to from them, while still having good quality.

This also often means that Wyze has to do a lot of their own extra development to make things a a good product, and put in a bunch of extra R&D, which takes time.

It sucks that things are often really slow, but I love that when it does eventually happen, we can count on them to keep things in single digit profit margins and offer a bunch of capability for costs lower than most others can compete with. It’s hard to be patient, but I do know they work hard and they are picky about what partnerships they will agree to, so a lot of that negotiation with ODM partners can be gruelling before we finally get some of those things we are all so desperate for.

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Still cannot hear it upstairs. What is so hard about allowing another hub to pair as a slave unit or make a remote chime?

I know this is way late, but the volume on “high” seems to be louder that it was but is still no loud enough to be heard in each room of our 3-bedroom 1,900 sq. ft. house, if the doors are closed.

Why in the world, after all this time, hasn’t an update been put out that will allow the siren to be broadcast through the doorbell chime? Or at least when the siren goes off, it would turn on a plug with a 3rd party siren?

They recently talked about it in an AMA this summer and they also updated the roadmap to reflect that a “Loud Siren” is in development. We don’t have a lot more details than that at the moment, but I am looking forward to more when they can tell us more. The sooner, the better.


Exactly how hard is it to write a rule if alarm is active turn on outlet. Then you could use a wise outlet to turn on a strobe or a siren. I would think it would take about 10 minutes. If they have a decent programmer.


I’ve been asking for a siren for months, and Wyse still can’t figure out a solution.

Thank you, that’s the most encouraging news since I

It’s great to hear it’s still something they are working on! Thank you so much for responding so my question and have a great day!!!


They need to add useful rule features to monitoring so that we can control other wyze devices. The first rule should be to turn on and off an outlet while system is in alarm mode for the purpose of a siren.

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OK, so 15 minutes.

That’s literally what we did - setup a siren (power loss cheap unit bought on Amazon) and created the rule for it to “chime” (by chime I mean ridiculous loud and light alert), by trigger / we set the hours the door sensors would open and disable the power outlet, so the alarm would ring. The alarm can be heard through the whole street tho lol

It know theirs a workaround, they should do something that works without this workaround. Its not perfect, so i cant do it in my actual setup. You should be able to connect wyze plug, like we connect the sensors and this way its really integrated with the hole security system

Couldn’t agree with you more. Wyze seems to move in slow motion. If you’re going to offer a Home Security System, you should include all the necessary components, just like competitors do. Hope we can get more people involved in this needed product addition. Thank you for keeping the discussion and subject alive.