HMS Hazard Remediation updates - Leak & Freeze Monitoring certificate now available

Hazard remediation is live now! Looks like the monitoring certificate that we send to our insurance for discounts off our monthly rate has now been upgraded so we aren’t just limited to burglary monitoring. We can now get it to include Freeze and Leak monitoring:

Monitoring Tab → Home Monitoring Settings → Monitoring Certificate → Learn More (to see the above screenshot in the app)

In addition, it looks like there is a new Hazard Remediation feature I didn’t know about where our sensors can be set up to have us get a call and have a sound go off on our hub:

Monitoring Tab → Home Monitoring Settings → Environment (to update which sensors are monitored and see the Hazard Remediation explanation)

The “Environment” section of the monitoring tab now has an option to change sensors between groups of “Monitored Sensors” vs “General Sensors” for the Leak and Climate Sensors. For example, I don’t want my backyard climate sensor being “monitored” for freezing issues, and I don’t want my backyard hose leak sensor going off every time someone turns on the hose outside, but a lot of the other sensors can be added to that list of what to monitor. Maybe I’ll put a climate sensor in the furnace room around my main pipes now that it is monitored.

Interesting that they have to review it manually instead of just going based on what’s in the app settings.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s experiences with this.

Now on the certificate we still need to add the following:

Burglary; Smoke/fire; Carbon monoxide; Water leak; Freeze; Communication Loss (seems they could just monitor if the HMS connectivity disconnects from our modem/router and then the Wyze server tell Noonlight that connectivity was down…we’ve been asking for connectivity notices for a while…this should be easy to add just based on whether the HMS stops updating)

EDIT UPDATE: Wyze has now added an update to where we are notified if the Hub loses connectivity! Hopefully this can soon be updated to be monitored by Noonlight so we can add that to the certificate too.

Thought some people would be interested in this. Let us know if you try any of this and what you find out! Also, did your insurance give you a bigger discount for having Leak and Freeze detection now too?
I would be very interested in hearing about anyone’s experience.


Just wanted to add to this thread about how to set up sensors on Hazard Remediation. If you go to the monitoring tab and click on Home Monitoring Settings, you will see the “Environment” option, select that.

Then select "Edit Monitored Sensor List to add which sensors you want to be added to the HMS Hazard remediation:

I recommend adding all your Leak sensors, and anywhere you need to monitor for freezing pipes.

See my story about how doing this with the Hazard remediation saved me lots of money in potential damage costs from leaks!

For the second leak I had, Wyze HMS Hazard Remediation actually alerted me even though I had no power or internet in my house! Now that is fortunate!

Just thought I’d post some instructions here on how I set up the Hazard Remediation. It is worth doing.