Google Home Wyze cam streaming

Can we use this to track status of update on Google Home streaming for Wyze cams?
… Or provide a link to where ingoing updates are provided

I believe this is a fix-it Friday working in progress.

It would be great if anyone who has not been able to stream at all, could comment when it works for them.

I currently have no Wyze cams able to stream on Google Home. :canada:


All my V3 cameras stream in Android Google Home app just fine. The Doorbell Pro does almost all of the time.

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Any iPhones or iPads able to use Google Home streaming for Wyze Cams? … in Canada? :canada:


if not, interesting … a clue perhaps …

Unfortunately I am having issues with Wyze Cam V3 through android Google Home app on Pixel 7 pro and Samsung S20FE. Can’t get it to work. It shows connecting in the home app but never streams. It detects when the camera is off as well - so there’s something going on there but just not quite right.

The app also constantly freezes/doesn’t respond.

I’m having the same problem. I have a Wyze V3 floodlight purchases less than a year ago. I’ve tried everything that the Internet has suggested to get it to work; factory reset, changes to 2FA, reconnecting in Home, deleting and reading. I even moved my wireless router to vastly improve the stream rate. The stream refuses to work on my Pixel 5 with Home app with public preview, my Pixel 8 with Home app with public preview, my wife’s Pixel 5 Home app, or my Google Hub display. Nothing has worked, and I am desperate to make it work so that I can finally commit to buying several more V3s. My Internet is Xfinity with an Arris Surfboard.