Google Home Wyze cam streaming

Can we use this to track status of update on Google Home streaming for Wyze cams?
… Or provide a link to where ingoing updates are provided

I believe this is a fix-it Friday working in progress.

It would be great if anyone who has not been able to stream at all, could comment when it works for them.

I currently have no Wyze cams able to stream on Google Home. :canada:


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All my V3 cameras stream in Android Google Home app just fine. The Doorbell Pro does almost all of the time.

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Any iPhones or iPads able to use Google Home streaming for Wyze Cams? … in Canada? :canada:


if not, interesting … a clue perhaps …

Unfortunately I am having issues with Wyze Cam V3 through android Google Home app on Pixel 7 pro and Samsung S20FE. Can’t get it to work. It shows connecting in the home app but never streams. It detects when the camera is off as well - so there’s something going on there but just not quite right.

The app also constantly freezes/doesn’t respond.

I’m having the same problem. I have a Wyze V3 floodlight purchases less than a year ago. I’ve tried everything that the Internet has suggested to get it to work; factory reset, changes to 2FA, reconnecting in Home, deleting and reading. I even moved my wireless router to vastly improve the stream rate. The stream refuses to work on my Pixel 5 with Home app with public preview, my Pixel 8 with Home app with public preview, my wife’s Pixel 5 Home app, or my Google Hub display. Nothing has worked, and I am desperate to make it work so that I can finally commit to buying several more V3s. My Internet is Xfinity with an Arris Surfboard.


Hi @carverofchoice,
do you have someone in Wyze you can check this with? and Gwen noted it was being worked on in Google… I contact Google aupport thru messaging and they seem to know nothing about it…

As you know, I have been trying to get Wyze cams streaming on Google Home here in Canada on my iPhone & iPad for many months…

I was searching and came across this documentation for Google Assistant and Wyze Integration

" * The Wyze Integration with Google Assistant is only supported in the US."

Is this true or old documentation? If true, then no Google support for Cams in Canada??

Strange if true as my Wyze lights, plugs & sensors work fine using Google Home app on my iPhones & iPads.
This says Google Assistant rather than Google Home which I am using but got me to thinking if one them what about the other … ??? :disguised_face:

From what I understand, it’s regulatory legally CYA true and practically false. Some countries have regulation that require things things like support for a certain language, currency, and other random regulations to officially claim support in that country. Canada quite likely requires full support of French/Quebecois, and therefore, if the Wyze integration doesn’t have full Quebecois support it may not be regulatorily legal to say it is supported in Canada, even though it works in Canada. Does that make sense? It’s just a political definition of it being supported or not, and not a practical definition. There are many examples of this. It’s just what corporations have to navigate.

It was indicated that there probably wasn’t going to be a lot done on this (and other Fix-it-Friday items) in late December or early January due to people on all sides taking time off, then having a lot to catch up on when they get back. I know it hasn’t been forgotten though. It is still on the active list of things that need to be resolved.

That is actually not surprising or concerning to me. Wyze is working directly with specific contacts on the Google Home team. This has happened multiple times in the past and Google support had no idea about other things that were going on behind the scenes either. Also, having worked customer server in college for 4 different fortune 500 companies, I can tell you that a lot of support reps are often not familiar with everything known or being worked on by the engineers, particularly before they have actually fixed it, unless it is a really high impact issue that is typing up the support lines. However, even in some cases where it is in the knowledge base, many reps don’t know how to find obscure things like this that aren’t basically on the front page, and as far as Google is concerned, this is not front page newsworthy for their reps on the knowledge base. Guaranteed. I could’ve pretty confidently told you 99.9% the tier 1 Google support reps wouldn’t have any idea about this. I truly would not be too concerned about that.

Hang in there, buddy. This has not been dropped yet. I think it just got a little delayed from the holidays and then the backlog of other priorities that need to get done by Google. December/January are traditionally extremely busy and then they are short staffed from all the time off, so they are backlogged in 2 ways at the same time. I kind of expected we wouldn’t hear much progress between mid-December to mid-January, but I know Wyze will follow up with them, especially since they found the problem.

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Thank you. Excellent explanation and update.

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