Stream error (Google home)

I signed up for the wyze cam google assistant beta earlier this year. Then Google assistant connectivity was released to prod.
When I tell google to show me my wyze cam video stream, it works. Then it seems like a few days later it wont and google gives the error “the stream is unavailable”. However, the video stream shows fine within the wyze mobile app.

If I go I into the Google home app and disconnect from the wyze beta integration and re add it, google will be able to stream the wyze video for a few days, until it errors again.

Any suggestions?

Welcome to the community, @scsi050. Have you tried going to Wyze’s support pages and searching for “Google” on them? If you can’t find what you need there, please let us know. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Any fix out.

I have the same. I have never been able to watch my Wyze cam on my Google Home Hub. It always says the stream isn’t available even though i can watch the cam in the Wyze app. The firmware is up to date and so is my Google Home Hub.

I’ve searched and found nothing helpful. Articles about how to connect to google assistant, it’s connected but the stream starts shows a black screen and nothing else.

At this time i think on my devices streaming does not work with chromecast or google devices. I can see the cams are linked in google home and the status of my sensors.

I have the same issue, the only way I found it to work again for a few days is to unlink the wye account and link it again to google but it is only temporary and then it fails again. It is very frustrating. Wyze please help.

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Same issue. Haven’t been able to locate a resolve for it yet. only way I found it to work is if you completely disconnect with the Google home app and reinstall… But only fixes for a couple days…

Would really like to see somebody in trouble shooting look into this.

still no update from Wyze on this either. Bump!!! Can we please get some help!!!

same issue here waiting on any updates…

Yeah, I don’t think we’re ever going to get one. I was considering buying 2 additional cams but after the recent problems and the fact that this still isn’t working, time to start looking elsewhere. It really is too bad. I liked my Wyze cam.