Google Home integration not working

Currently my devices sync but when I request to view them I either get a black screen or “sorry the cameras stream is currently unavailable”

I’d also like to enable notifications or trigger the feed to be shown on the hubs when a camera detect people/movement.


I have heard of issues with it not showing up, but I am unsure where they are at on fixing it, I do know there never has been an ability for the feed to automatically come up when motion is detected. I could be wrong but I believe that is a limitation on the Google side.

I do have a Google Home Hub, when I get home I will see what it does with my cameras since I have never really tried the feature.


@Dlbates, Since this feature is already launched, the best way to address this is to submit a Support Request.

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@Dlbates Same here! Let me know if you found anything new :slight_smile:

For me it been like that for months
Everything is updated

Hey! I got it to semi-work for me…
Showed “sorry the cameras stream is currently unavailable”
Takes some time to load and works 1/2 times but at least shows a black feed every time which means it can access the camera.

The problem:
I had setup the camera and display on two different accounts. Example: A family member set up the chromecast and I set up the camera (aka linked the camera with wyze using the google home app), but they were in the same “home”.

The solution (if you have my situation):
Unlink wyze completely from your account. Make sure the cameras are no longer in the “home” for anyone. Then, find out who setup the device you want to display it on and, using that account, link wyze to google.

Hope that helped someone out there :slight_smile:


Mine worked great. Then system update from somewhere seemed to break integration on lenevo (google) smart display. Not just for wyze.
Have kasa outdoor and it no longer worked. This happened a few months ago. Neither worked since then. Except I did get the Wyze cams back on line a couple of weeks ago. No account problems but took them off and then re-added to fix. They were slower to show on screen, but worked. Kasa never did. Now Wyze do not stream again.