Cameras and Google Home Hub

I purchased a Cam V3 because it said it was compatible with Google Home Hubs and have had no luck getting video to stream to either of my Google Home devices. I also then bought an additional V3 and a Cam Pan V3 and had the same issue, but was happy enough to just use the Wyze app.

Today I bought a Cam OG just because I didn’t need the fanciest camera for this purpose and lo and behold, the damn thing works with Google Home device streaming. I got excited and checked the V3s thinking maybe it was all fixed but they still do not work.

Has anyone else had this issue? Wyze, this is pretty frustrating. I bought your “better” product that is more expensive and it doesn’t perform as advertised but your cheap one does. What is the deal with this? Thank you!

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This is the problem with Google Home on iOS only. I can view V3 Cam pan feeds in Google Home on my old Android phone.

This is frustrating… I cant keep my old phone alive for a long time. Find out a soln for Google Home on iOS please.