Google Home link available, integration doesn’t work

None of my Wyze cams work with the Google home app. I have

1 Wyze Cam Pan
1 Wyze cam V2
2 Wyze cam v3
2 Wyze Battery Cam Pro

I really need these working in the Google Home and Home Assistant applications. I have the Cam Unlimited Subscription, but if I can’t integrate these into my home automation they aren’t very effective.

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I am a new Wyze user and have 5 cams….none have ever worked with Google Home. I have researched the heck out of this and attempted to do everything suggested. No avail. I have given up on the integration and just use the Wyze app.

I encountered same issue for a long time. I realized that I needed to supply my Wyse login credentials while in the Google Home app. Hope this helps. 6 out of 7 cams display fine.

I unlinked and re-linked the account in the Google Home app, which made me sign in again. Still no luck, no cameras will display

Bummer. Hopefully someone has the answer.

are you Android of iOS?

our iOS still does not work for cams on Google Home
it does work on TV Chromecast

iOS. When I bought my first camera Wyze Cam v3. “Works with Google” was advertised on the ad, and in the app with alexa google was there. it worked in the Google Home app. Not sure when it stopped. I think it still works from the Google Home Hub displays, but not iOS or android apps


Android, since you repled to me.

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I had this issue on my Pixel Tablet, and reconnecting worked, thank you!

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Google Home app on Android working and streaming all cams except Pan v3. Have all from v2s to v3Pro, incl. battery cam pro, OGs and floodlight v2. A couple required 2or3 attempts before streaming appeared. No v4s added yet. However, the Panv3 is not cooperating. Will not stream. Anyone had success with this cam and GH app?


I’m looking at a Cam OG, 2 Cam Pan v3s, and a Video Doorbell v2 all streaming simultaneously into Google Home on Android right now. Don’t ask me what the secret sauce is, though, 'cause I don’t know. :man_shrugging:

I will keep trying to stream the Pan v3s and hopefully hit a break thru or find the secret sauce. Every cam streams out of my 20+ variety of cams, including vdb v2s. Will probably be setting up a couple v4s this week.

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I hope that works out better this time around. :crossed_fingers:

I wouldn’t expect this to have any discernable effect on trying to stream Cam Pan v3s in Google Home, but I’ll throw this out there: After I enabled Public Preview for the Google Home app awhile back, 4 other cameras showed up in the Cameras tile on the main (Favorites) screen in my Google Home. As I mentioned previously, I’d been able to stream these to a Google Home Hub (1st generation), a Chromecast HD, and a Google TV, but now I can sometimes stream some of these in the Google Home app, as well. The experience is inconsistent and unpredictable, though.

I don’t know if trying Public Preview would have any effect on Wyze cameras, but it’s something you can tinker with and turn off if it’s not giving you any benefit.

I have a Pan v1. Streaming to GH on my Android has never and still doesn’t work.

GH does correctly indicate whether the camera is on or off so it is definitely communicating with it. It just won’t stream, generates an error instead.

@Crease - Thanks. I’ll check my GH app for status of Public Preview. Maybe I need to reinstall them if Public Preview is not the remedy. Just doesn’t make sense all other cams stream but this 1 model does not. Stay tuned.

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I deleted and reinstalled my Pan v3s. It fixed my GH app livestreaming issues. Pan v3s are now steaming in the GH app on my Android phone. @Crease - I skipped the Public Preview.

Thanks everyone for the input.


That’s reasonable. Just based on my own experience with Wyze cameras and Google Home, I wouldn’t have expected the Public Preview to have any meaningful effect on your Cam Pan v3s. I mentioned it mostly because of earlier discussion in this topic about non-Wyze and non-Nest cameras working with Google Home.

That’s excellent! I’ll keep that in mind if I have issues in the future. I’m eager to get my hands on the Cam v4s I ordered this week.

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Likewise. I am curious to see how v4s work with GH. My v4 arrives next week. I do have one v3 that won’t connect to gh. Time to move him from wifi 5 to 6 router.

Works fine for me in GH. It automatically loaded both by Alexa & GH. Excellent video quality in the app on my phone. I don’t have a Google/Nest display but do have an Echo Show. You’ll be pleased.

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Is the v3 that won’t connect isolated and others are connected? I had 2 Pan v3’s that were loaded and connected to GH but would not livestream. Finally deleted them from the Wyze app and did a reinstall. That fixed the issue in the GH app.