Google home not connecting to all cams

I’ve got 5 v3 and a flood v3. They work fine on wyze app. Well sometimes unable to connect but “fine” anyway.

I have added them to google home so I use with google stuff but only 2 of them will show live feed. Others say connecting then always goes to camera unavailable/live video unavailable. I’ve tried reconnect and factory reset…nothing.

No reply but a day after i reset the cam it showed up on home. Did with another and it worked too.

Not understanding why this takes overnight to complete but i will do the rest of the cams and see.

Hi! When you said you reset the cams, what exactly did you do? is that the factory reset you mention or was it something else? Seems like there are a bunch of users with streaming issues using google home, me included…

What i found that works best is:

remove the cam from wyze app
Power cycle cam
Set up button on cam and follow prompts
Add cam to app
Allow for 3 months cam+
Uncheck auto-renew
Hit confirm on popup
Wait a while
Refresh google home via wyze home
Wait a while
Maybe do again once or twice
Wait a while
Give up
Wait a couple days
Pray some more/give up again

Now all 9 cams are working. The last one i only reset once and it finally worked a week later.