Forum Thread Jumps [Bug?]

Recently when clicking through on updated threads, the forum will do a double jump, first bringing me to the correct spot at the end of the thread, and then jumping back in time to a much older post.

Is this happening for anyone else? Seems like a possible forum software bug, probably about the time they changed to the new, misleading (alarms instead of arrows) icons a few weeks ago.

It was just repeatable for me. I retried a link in my right-side pulldown for a thread update; the pulldown link goes to

and somehow the thread loads properly at the bottom but then quickly shifts up to a much older post at

Anyone notice this?



I thought I was just crazy or clicking something in the wrong spot or it was my numbskull phone!

Yes! Confirmed and Confirmed!

I click in a reply from my Avatar notifications and it takes me to the the reply at the bottom of the thread. I try to scroll and KABLAMIE! I’m in the middle of the thread like 3 months ago! What the?

I am going to try and force it so I can grab a screencap.


Thank you! Then that confirms we are both crazy.

It just happened yet again for me.

I clicked a new updated thread link to

and it loaded the relevant end of that thread and then shifted back up to nearly the beginning at


Started happening when the forum was rebranded away from WyzeCam. I had to reinstall the android forum app (chrome shortcut) and that’s when it started.

Hmmm, maybe, but I thought it started happening before that.

Also, I’m not using any app other than Fennec (Firefox) on Android.

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That’s when I noticed it. Maybe it has something to do with all forwarding they had to do with the switch?

Quick search reveals we have at least some company. I think it’s a bug in the Discourse Forum Software.

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Yea that happens to me as well. And I dislike the new icons.

Unfortunately Wyze has little control on this, hopefully discourse fixes it.


Yes same here . I thought it was bc of my new Pixel 7. It had a similar scrolling bug so I thought it was the phone

I got an iPhone 14 yesterday and the issue hasn’t affected me on the iPhone . Only happened on the pixel 7, weird…

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Not entirely so? From what I understand, Wyze is paying for software and hosting - as a customer of Discourse they can pursue this bug.

So we may have narrowed it down to Android, but it’s happening in both Mozilla and Chrome browsers…


Looks as if I’ve found the official bug thread for this (not well titled). If I’m correct, they have started working on it.


Cool, glad they are working on it.

Am I gathering that this is a bug when using a phone?
I have not seen a problem on the forum, but I ONLY look at the forum from a desktop PC (using FireFox at home or Chrome at work).


I don’t know - it shouldn’t be the case, since as far as I understand both Mozilla and Chromium try to use the same code base on Windows and Android. But at least two of us who’ve had the issue are on Android.

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Android DDG Chromium and Windows Firefox, anything over 20 replies it jumps back roughly 20 replies. Anything under 20 replies it displays the last reply as expected.

Coincident with the wyzecam->wyze forum addy switch. Roughly. :building_construction:


Great observation, @peepeep !

That does seem to be the magic number.

Just had it happen on two different threads. What’s also weird is it’s not always repeatable. Sometimes the same thread stays put.


Another bit of information – this is not limited to newly updated threads (although it is happening there all the time now).

I pulled up an old thread in a search (to confirm what I posted about my firmware version) and upon clicking the link the thread opens up and then does the 20 post shuffle up to the wrong post.

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