Hardware related topics forum?

i looked around and found there wasnt really a hardware related section on this forum. i guess this could go here. i was looking for a way to have a discussion with the design and/or development team when hardware related problems occur. i think i recently discovered one related to the camera not powering on. i believe it was caused by over-rotation of the camera and the internal power connector to the primary PCB and would like to discuss the findings and possible solutions to this potential problem.

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There is not a separate area for hardware only issues because (1) the hardware and firmware are so intertwined, and (2) sometimes what appears to be hardware might actually be software.

That said, the best approach in this case would be to file a support request, preferably from within the app and include the camera logs.

ok well the reason i asked is because of my original post here.

so they sent me a new one as a replacement under warranty and i figured, well its dead, and its being replaced, and i like to tinker so i took it apart. it turns out that the camera over-rotated somehow. this in turn caused the power wires, 2 white, 2 black to twist to the point where the power connector dislodged from the main board. it sounds like, from what ive read on this forum, theres a lot of tinkerers but when you come across a possible product defect, especially hardware related, it would be good to have a place to post your findings.

i love my wyzecams and if there is a way to make them better and fail proof, i would love to help. I dont know what caused the camera to over rotate but simply unpluggiing the connector and untwisting the wires and plugging it back in solved te power problem. I dont know the design that well and what causes the pan to stop rotating, as my new one spun left, stopped, and vibrated like it wanted to keep going, then spun right, stopped with no noise and centered itself. in relation to product design, if there is a limiter that keeps the pan from rotating too far, maybe that needs to be looked at, or changed to prevent that from happening and thus preventing the power cord to become dislodged.

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This is the right place to post for this issue. Wyze may indeed want the camera back to see what you’ve discovered. I will pass this along, and you should be hearing back from them if this is the case.

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Hello, @r0xt4r!

Loki sent this over my direction. Thanks so much for reporting this! We’ve found some cases like what you’re describing previously and agree with you. We’re happy that you were able to get your Wyze Cam Pan working again though that would be a bit much for us to ask people to do to fix their own Wyze Cam Pans. We’re working with our manufacturer to improve this. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem as mentioned and my question is I’m from Australia and I bought it from an Australia website so how it works if I have to get a new camera ?