Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

Based on the wyze employee responses lately in this thread it appears the word has come down from wyze that this subject is to be ignored. It will not be fixed because there is no money to be made. Basically screw the users but (as always with wyze) dont say it, just make believe the problem doesn’t exist.

I think it is important to keep this thread alive so anyone who might consider entering the wyze eco system knows what awaits them. Think about a company that runs a contest to decide which software bugs to fix (then doesn’t fix them anyway), how bad is that.


I am not yet ignoring it, i just haven’t had anything new to share. I did get the download link to fixed.


After months and months of a dead product I think that says it all


Same here with the original Wyze outdoor camera. :sleepy:

Hi, Wyze made a software update few months back such a way that you cannot replay the video of the events recorded and prompts to get the paid subscription. WTF is that. I bought this fricking device only because there was no need to have a paid monthly subscription. Now they are forcing it or else. It is time to spread this bad business tactics of Wyze to the world and stop people buying this crappy device. My 2 cents. Thanks.

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It’s amazing my 20 year old Linksys wvc54gca still detects motion as well as it did on day 1. But Wyze can’t get their cameras to work properly, why do you think that is?


@WyzeJasonJ you haven’t been here to say that wyze is working hard to fix this problem or are you acknowledging what we all knew long ago, that wyze simply doesn’t give a damn about it’s early adopters or any problem which doesn’t generate more revenue.


I am still around and I will check in with them again. I am just in here later as usual because I am watching multiple communities currently and I end up here late in the day.


The real question to ask is why wont wyze fix this. They know the problem (cams cant be removed from cam plus lite), they know the solution (allow cams to be removed from cam plus lite) yet they do nothing. So why?

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Dunno, but perhaps relatedly, the writing is on the wall for Lite. The new camera doesn’t “support” it at all.

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Seriously what are you working on. My wife camera doesn’t even show the video recorded. It is asking to take the monthly subscription. I didn’t sign up for that when I got the camera.
It is a bad business tactics. Wyze will go down.

Thank you

@WyzeJasonJ you know wyze is screwing v1 owners as well as anyone who doesn’t want to pay for cam plus. Even though wyze promised and still promises this service for free. After cam plus was created cam plus lite was added as a poorly thought out and terribly instituted function. Why not just admit it instead of saying “I will check in with them again” for months on end when you know wyze will do nothing about this problem. I guess as an employee now you have to maintain the wyze line even though you know better.

Apparently cam plus lite will not work on the new V3 Pro I think this makes it obvious what wyze’s plans are. The same way they screwed V1 users they will eventually get to the V2 and V3.

@WyzeJasonJ, see you have been hanging out in the “wyze can do no wrong” discord forum lately. Is that a reward for towing the bs line that wyze cares. Wyze basically abandoned reddit because there were too many problems brought up. Wyze is basically doing the same here. But discord still has lots of wyze employees posting constantly (even joking about the other forums). Eventually even the wyze diehards there will turn, when the wyze greed (or is it incompetence) comes for them.

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Wyze needs to come clean, fix the V1 issues and grandfather those who have Wyze cam plus lite accounts.
Early adapters need to be appreciated by Wyze management, not discarded for profits.

Cam plus lite is the old wyze. The company that called its customers “family” (even though they only used that term to extract more money) is now completely committed to monthly fees and any product or service that does not generate enough continuing revenue is destined to be eliminated. Regardless of any promises they made.

They are becoming like every other smart home company just with lower quality products.

Not exactly. The Lite tier is pretty new, months old, and was a major change extending free person detection to, at the time, everyone. I think it was under the same management.

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I would not call it a reward. Gwendolyn is currently out on leave so I am currently hanging out here, Facebook Core, Discord, Twitter and YouTube. That’s why I have been answering here later than normal Wyze has definitely not abandoned Reddit. We just haven’t been in there as much as we would like. This will be changing. The forum is my main community and after next week you will see me back here again mainly. Gwen and I will share running Discord so I will still be there at times, but my focus is the forum.


I do like the way you respond to most posts but select, shall we say, the less controversial part. Very diplomatic.

The free plans are applicable only to the cameras that proceeded the plan. The original Legacy Person detection plan only applied to the V2 and before. When Cam Plus Lite was introduced it brought in the V3. Cam Plus Lite was announced before the V3 Pro, so it does not include it. It, or something similar may include it later, stay tuned. There is nothing obvious here, other than this is their way. To only include devices prior in the plans.


As Cosmo said in Sneakers about organized crime, “trust me, it’s not that organized”.

I mean that I think you are somewhat attributing to design that which emerged by happenstance. For one thing, “legacy” person detection was very much NOT extended to all V2 owners until Lite came about recently.

It’s not been a steady progression of online features based on camera model. They do what they see fit, and the emergence of the “Lite” tier was a pleasant surprise to a lot of us.