Wyze almost went Bankrupt

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The Future of WYZE is Coming (Part 2) <— Click this link for more info

This explains a lot about the quality of support and requests not being dealt with, Hopefully now things will be much better with the $100 Million Dollar infusion :grinning:

Yeah the second the new Nest cams come out im switching.

Every single firmware update bricks my cameras for 2 days. I’ve lost my patience.


Sounds like your issue. I’ve got a dozen cams, both V2 and V3 and have no issues. “Bricks for 2 days”, what then they suddenly “magically” start working again? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Given the current broken state of event notifications, I’d say not much has changed.

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I’d certainly be more than happy if the AI person detection worked. Mine has less than 50% success rate. It stinks.

Do you submit the videos that miss people detection for AI training

“then they suddenly “magically” start working again?”

no, they had to be power cycled a few dozen times and then deleted and re-added to the account.

Then what happened which finally fixed it, is I just threw them in the garbage, got a new system, and now my problem has completely gone away.

Interesting we currently have had no issues at all,and it’s now been over 2 years + we have V2,V3,PTZ,Wireless outdoor cameras

One of the founders posted a video explaining the entire situation, do a search for “Wyze Crosby”