Bricked v3 pros

Regarding all of our bricked v3 pros:

I attempted to post this in the ongoing thread. Wyze has limited my ability to post, I assume in some kind of attempt to squash dissent and anger about their poor customer service and firmware updates. So here’s a new topic on the subject.

I found a solution: stop paying wyze for cam services, return the 4 camera order I made day they broke my cams, chargeback any additional fees wyze attempts to levy, replace the bulbs and light strips I still have with other devices as they age out, replace my cams with another provider and make a complaint to my state attorney general’s office.

This stuff happens. Bad releases happen. But so far wyze’s response is a line for line checklist of how not to handle a situation like this. It’s worth stating again, they can fix this any single moment they want by placing working firmware in the release channel. I get 4 hours a day of working cams I could patch in.

I’m sure wyze won’t miss my 100 bucks a month or the 100 dollar order I’m going to return.

And I’m not going to miss cameras I can’t rely on, lies from customer service, inaction and breach of contracted services.

I believe I’ve been a customer since 2006. Lost me this time wyze.

You would ASSUME wrong. The forum is full of threads of dissent and anger over customer service and firmware updates. :rofl:
There are also a lot of smart members here that can help you fix “some” of those issues if you ask for help.


Well, I’m limited to three posts in a given topic. Why would new accounts be limited from discussion? You seem to know more than me…

I’d assume it’s because angry people with bricked cams sign up for accounts to discuss that. But again, I’m assuming.

I’m nkt able to flash my cams back to working. I’ve done this before with no issues. I don’t know why that no longer works just like I don’t know why wyze chooses to handle a mess this way.

Previously the cost vs annoyance benefit analysis of wyze devices, customer service and provided services worked for me. Now, after this, it doesn’t.

If it does for you, then I wish you luck! I’m not paying a company for services they cannot provide.

One other thing to mention…the services cancelation page isn’t allowing services to be canceled today. Had to place an issue for that as customer service was also unable to cancel my services. Isn’t that funny and well timed!

That’s the way the forum software works. “Trust Levels” help keep trolls, spammers and bots at bay. The forum software is “Discourse”. Wyze does not limit accounts. You either post within Discourse limits based on your trust level, are silenced or are banned for repeateldy violating the Community Guidelines.

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I am a Maven and have been here for some time. I am limited to three posts in a row in any given topic. That rule doesn’t play favorites. I have gone so far as to PM another user asking them to post to unlock me so I can post again. Best practice is to just keep editing your last post and adding to it until another user posts in.

But, be assured you don’t have to deal with that in this thread. As the topic OP, you aren’t limited by the three post in a row limit. Post away. Although, the chances of Wyze reading it in the open forum is slim.