Wyze Cam v3 bricked/paper weight/useless

Am I the only one who has lost all use of their v3 cams? I’ve done everything and they won’t even comment as new. I’ve tried to submit request on their app and they time out without submitting. OG can and doorbell work fine so I know it’s not my internet. I’m about fed up with the constant issues and already cancelled my cam pro subscription since none of my cams even work now.

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What did YOU do to them?

I have bought 17 V3 cameras and I killed one, and one died during warranty and was replaced by Wyze. The rest are working as well as expected. All have 64GB uSD cards set to continuous recording, and all have CamPlus.

By everything, can I assume you have done a factory reset and repeated the setup? Deleted the cam from the app, removed the SD Card, full factory reset, attempted to reinstall? What about manually flashing the firmware with a freshly formatted 32GB FAT32 SD Card? Verified a working power supply with adequate power?

What behavior is the cam exhibiting when first plugged in?

Also… You mentioned “OG” cam… Which one is this?

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I’ve done all you said minus flashing with a new card. I don’t have the means to do that. The OG is the first version one cam that I’ve had for years. The version three ones once completely deleted and doing reinstalled work fine all the way until the final setup step. They won’t finalize and time out saying the cameras couldn’t be found.

Wyze Cam V1 or V2 then.

This doesn’t sound like a bricked cam issue but rather a Network Login issue. If they are scanning the QR code during setup, that is what initiates the connection to the network using the network login credentials that are being selected from and supplied by the phone\tablet.

Make sure that your phone\tablet is logged into the same SSID and PW network that you are using for the cams. If you have a split band network (seperate SSID for each band) be sure to log onto the 2.4GHz band w\ the phone\tablet. You may need to disable the 5GHz band temporarily in the router settings to force this. Also be sure to verify that your password doesn’t have any mystery trailing spaces.

Version one the OG camera they first released.

Oh I’m sure I’m on the same bandwidth and network. Unfortunately the majority of my smart home products are Wyze and I’m very familiar with setting them up. With only the version three cams randomly failing and refusing to connect or be reset it isn’t something on my end I’m fairly certain. My thermostat doorbell outdoor switch lights and version one cam all work fine or as expected for Wyze products.

That being the case, I would first try to install it to a different network and see if that is successful. Perhaps a family member or friend who will let you borrow their WiFi for testing. Or open a Guest Network with a simple SSID and PW on your router and access that w\ your phone\tablet.

Beyond that, my only recommendation is a firmware flash. I understand that is a limitation, but that would be my next step.

It doesn’t sound like a bricked cam though since it is running it’s full setup routine and scanning the QR only to fail when authenticating into the network.