Video jumps

Dear All:

In November 2022 I placed a note about jumpy videos in this community:

In the meantime I tried with the support team to find a solution. They asked me to check the following:

1. Please ensure that your Wyze App is running with the latest version. How to update your Wyze app.

    1. Same goes with the camera’s firmware, ensure it is up to date. In the App>Account>Firmware updates.*
    1. Please force close the app, then re-open it.*
    1. Kindly check the signal strength of your camera, In the App>Camera>Settings>Device Info>Signal Strength, ensure they are getting 3 full signal bars, this means the camera is getting stable connection from your network.*
    1. Once confirmed, please un-assign and re-assign the service to the camera.*
      To un-assign and Re-assign:
  • In the App> Go to Account Tab.*
  • Select Services> tap on Cam Plus*
  • Tap the drop-down arrow next to the name of the camera.*
  • Then select Unassigned License*
  • Vice versa to re-assign.*
    1. Once assigned, kindly power cycle the camera by unplugging it from the power outlet for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.*
    1. Test your cameras by making a motion in front of it, then review the recordings.*

My response:

My Wyze App is running the latest version.
Camera firmware is up to date
I closed the app and re-opened it
The signal strength shows 3 full bars
I un-assigned and re-assigned
I power-cycled the camera
I tested the camera - no change!

So no luck. They closed the ticket without letting me know.

Does somebody know a fix?
I appreciate your comments
Best wishes

There have been multiple app and firmware updates since November. Can you update us with your current app version, firmware version on the cam that is doing this, and your OS version. Also, you say Playback. Please confirm that this is an SD Card Recorded Video “Playback” issue and not a Cloud “Event” viewing issue.

There’s also a possibility of a device video playback related issue including possibly an incompatibility or bug with the video playback code of the app (which can be another issue of issues) . So trying from a very different device is a good idea. (But, there’s more possibilities here than anyone will list.)

It is very possible that this won’t be resolved for you. Maybe it will but it heavily depends on some stuff.