Playback video jumps

Dear All:
Both of my camv2 show a jumpy playback of the video. After a few seconds the playback seems to jump one second. Here is the video.

I don’t know if the upload of the video worked.

I appreciate your comments
Best wishes


My V3 camera video does the same thing. Started after the 11/2/2022 firmware update. Apparently, Wyze knows about the problem and should fix it with future camera firmware updates.


My 3 v3’s do the exact same thing :-1:t3:


My v3’s do the same thing. Started after latest firmware update smh. Hope Wyze fixes the issue

I’ve seen it too. Just hope it doesn’t happen at an important time.


I was able to correct my jumping video issue and wanted to share out in case it can help others. I was attemping to flash my V3 to an older firmware following the Wyze instructions. I could not get the older firmware loaded and am still on ( In the process of the flash I removed my V3 from my App and CPL and re-added it. Basically, did a factory reset including re-adding to the App and CPL account. My video no longer jumps ahead. By the way, Person and Motion in CPL Event video seem to be AI tagged properly too. I hope this helps other with this issue.

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