Wyze CAM V3 video playback from SD card jumping ahead

I had a package on my porch but didn’t have notification on my phone so I went to find out when it came. This is where it gets strange. There were no events recorded on my Wyze cam or on my RING doorbell cam??

So, I went to my camera SD card and started playing back the video. I was jumping through it and saw the AMAZON van so I jumped back and let it play. It was playing fine and then when it got to 18:00:00 in the playback it then jumped to 18:01:01 so the time the package was delivered was jumped over. I even recorded the playback and it does the same thing. However, if I hit the rewind button it will jump back into the missing minute time and I can see the video is there and it can be played and recorded. It’s like if I get past that 18:00:01 point then it plays back normally.

A few questions:

  1. Has anyone else seen this and is it a known behavior or bug?

  2. Since my ring didn’t record an event when this happened either, is it possible that my network went down at this exact time which caused no cloud events to record and no notifications? But, since the video is on the SD card I can still see it because that doesn’t take a network connection?

  3. Would the network going off cause the playback issue when viewing the SD card playback where it jumps forward a minute? Could it have put some bad marker in the data that causes the player to jump forward?

It’s just so strange that this happened exactly when an event was happening that should be recorded. The fact that neither program saved an event is making me think something network related happened but I’ve not seen this before so I thought I would ask. I also noticed in the recording that it doesn’t put a box around the van or person to identify then which is probably another clue that the network was disconnected .

I have the playback recording where it jumps and then one showing the video by starting after the time when it jumped. I’m just not sure how to upload them. I’m not sure they are needed but if they are, someone can remind me on the best way to upload them.

Thanks for your help and insight with this strange occurrence.


This is a known issue that has been addressed in new firmware that is currently in Beta testing.

Correct. SD Card Recordings do not require internet since they are local.

No. This is a known firmware bug that has been fixed. You should see it when the Beta passes QA and is released as a public update.

The green Motion Tagging box is placed there locally by the cam firmware prior to any upload. That is why it is seen recorded on the SD Card when it is enabled. It is a feature you can disable in the settings. It does not require internet.

But, if it was on and did not detect any motion, that may be why there was no upload.

Uploading videos is limited to 5MB files. They are uploaded using the upload button.

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I am becoming so frustrated with the buggy behavior of Wyze playback when using a memory card. I was excited to use these cameras because they allow use of a memory card instead of having a subscription.

When I use the playback feature and tap the left arrow on the timeline it jumps back to a section marked in green where there should be a recording and then instead of playing it says no video at that time. What? It just jumped to the green section which means there is a recording there. In other cases, a recording is playing but there is no green section showing. Sometimes it shows the green section and then if I look again later they are gone. Just so bad.

Further, when I use the Event Recording tab and tap the symbol that looks like a micro SD card to go to the recording it says no SD card installed. It is installed ! I can see recordings on the card.

I thought my older v2 cameras were just a poor start to the product and the v3 would fix all these issues but no. Same buggy playback on v3 floodlight cam.

Signal strength has two out of three bars so that should be good for performance.