Forum Redesign - 8/12/21

Can one of you mods or mavens pass this glitch on to @WyzeGwendolyn or someone? It appears Dark Mode Theme loses all the really awesome header options like being able to click on Shopping or click the Forum dropdown and link to any of the main forum categories, and it should probably have that there too. This is probably what has been confusing a lot of people. I think this is a bug. I kind of want to stay on dark mode, but I really don’t like that it loses all the normal header options the Wyze theme gets. It shouldn’t be that hard to keep the same layout structure but just change the colors. That’s usually what Dark Mode is supposed to do.

Special thanks to @HDRock for catching that things worked differently for us and to @spamoni4 for noticing there was a layout/header difference and helping to figure out what it was.


Thanks @carverofchoice . This was a team effort between yourself, and @HDRock as well.

I like it when the community pulls together to figure out what the issue is and provides quality feedback to Wyze.


I was thinking it might have something to do with dark mode because it is known that dark mode has been screwed up for a long time, it should be the same as wyze theme but it isn’t, I would like to but I don’t use dark mode for that reason


The dark theme I dont believe is a Wyze theme which is why some things are different, I think it is more a Discourse default dark theme, over the years I have noticed many small differences.


Yeah we talked about it a long time ago but I forgot about it being a discourse theme
what I really don’t like about it is there is no link to support up at the top right

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I didn’t know any better. :slight_smile:

I just like the dark mode and stuck with it.


It’s all good the mystery has been solved :smiley:


So I guess the dark mode is missing all the links up top

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What device and browser are you using?

I think you should add an ‘s’ to the link Forum :arrow_down:

Basic question…. how do I post a photo? Are there limits? Thx

I just drag & drop. You meet the minimum requirements otherwise.

Any suggestion on which Category to use for what seem to be general Rules issues? Also, no Rules tag, or did I miss it? :slight_smile:


Do you have an example? Maybe the device you are writing the Rule for?

Hi @Newshound , a couple of Rules that are erratic…

v2-on person detect turns on plug
v2-on person detect turns on bulbs

Notifications of person detection are sent and the event appears, properly tagged, in the app event list, but the triggered rule entry is absent from the app Rules History and the target plugs/bulbs are not turned on.

Since you are on the new rules engine, I’d vote to write it up under the announcement of the version of the app you are using. I thought there was one for the new Rules engine in the Beta section, but I don’t see it ATM. Anything related in the Beta section is better than elsewhere for visibility of the Devs.


Hey, thanks! It didn’t occur to me that I could choose that category.

Sorry, the Wyze Theme is the only one we have that is really controlled for stuff like this. We’ve worked with the Discourse team on it. So using the other themes make things funky.


Drag from where, to where? I have iPad and Android 12 phone.


You can copy and paste a photo into this box that you type into for your message, or click the image image that is somewhere around the text box to upload a photo.

From the phones, i’d say use the image button. The copy and paste i use on my laptop/computer.