Forum Redesign - 8/12/21

Hi, Forum Friends!

We will be changing some things for the forum today! Highlights include:

  • Separating out product categories instead of having a large ask-the-community area to improve navigation

  • Emphasis on product tags inside the product categories to make it easy for people to find posts they are interested in

  • A couple new categories such as an AI area and a general Wyze chat area for topics that are not product-specific

  • Updated images for the Home page

We’ve been listening to the feedback from our community members about what they would like to see and have worked to make a new layout that will scale better with our product list and community than our existing version has. We’re really excited to show it to you! We are told that we shouldn’t expect downtime but things may look slightly funky if you’re logged in as we flip things over around 1:30 PM Pacific.

Have a great day! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good, Gwendolyn. Here’s hoping that this is one of the rare redesigns that is actually an improvement. :wink:

Thanks for the heads-up.


You’re welcome! And I trust you to let me know if this isn’t an improvement.

When we first moved to this forum platform, we had a small handful of products. Having a general area for asking questions made sense. We outgrew that a while back so hopefully this addresses the frustration many folks have expressed about the difficulty of finding topics they want to read in that area. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great !!! :+1: Any improvement is welcome


Reads like party time!!!
Finally some separation.

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Has it happened yet?

1448 PDT and it does not appear to have happened yet.

We’re working on it! Some stuff is happening in the background and will become visible in a bit. :slight_smile:


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: ooohhh so close! :slight_smile:

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I noticed some threads have definitely been updated, removed or changed somehow at least. One of the AI newsletter threads (June 2021) said it was edited, and then clicking on that link to see what changed, it said the page no longer exists, but I am guessing it was just moved and renamed or something. But who knows, maybe it was deleted. Still, definitely stuff happening. :slight_smile:

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Not deleted! There’s a new category for Wyze AI stuff. It will be visible soon! :smiley:

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So awesome! That’s one of my favorite topics! I will definitely tell it to send me alerts to any new threads in there! :smiley:

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Psst! @carverofchoice!


Why all this talk about Artificial Insemination?? :slight_smile:

I love all these new categories! Makes it so much easier to follow the ones we most care about and filter out some of the “noise” that isn’t our preference a little easier. It will definitely make it easier to find stuff.

I still wish we could “follow” specific accounts though. I’d like to tell the forum to send me an alert/email/notice any time you or certain other employees make comments (and some other forum members that often have great insights, etc), but I don’t know if Discourse allows that or not. It would be at the top of my forum wishlist if it was possible though.


It’s a really handy practice that makes breeding livestock much easier and more convenient! Cows can be pretty dangerous when it’s that time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Last I heard, there’s a custom tool that can follow profiles like that. We discussed it but I’m currently not into the idea because of the likelihood of people using it to easily harass folks (which already happens here on occasion).

And I am so excited to hear that you like the new categories! :smiley:


Oh yeah, that does happen sometimes. A few months ago, some guy said he was going to do it to all my posts, so I just reported the threat and either blocked or muted the account for a while, so I have no idea if the guy followed through or not as it never affected me since I executed the option to simply not engage or make the situation worse, and instead just ignore everything from that account, & trust the the mods handle whatever they deemed appropriate, I just moved on with my day and never noticed if anything happened after that. :slight_smile:

I can definitely understand the hesitation from that standpoint…though, I would like to point out that not implementing it doesn’t prevent a person from simply clicking on a profile name and looking at all of their activity and harassing them through the profile anyway.

So, not adding the option doesn’t actually prevent anything to someone intent on harassment, but it does take away a really cool tool for the responsible people who could otherwise get notifications anytime you or other employees post something. And harassers get dealt with by the mods, community flags, and mute/blocking like I did in the example I gave above where it never affected me because I leveraged the mute/block tools like others could too. Just something to consider… :slight_smile:


I’ll mull this over, I promise. Since we’re flipping stuff around, this is a good time for the conversation!

Making it harder for people to harass does actually limit the likelihood (many people are generally lazy and a threat is easier than follow-through). If we do try it, we can remove it again if it becomes a problem. I’ll bring it up with the Mods since I was the emergency brake on this idea.

I appreciate you taking the time to discuss this with me!