Wyze Community Forum Feedback

Just kidding. Please don’t replying using memes. ?

That said, we’ve launched our Wyze Community forum for a little over two months now. It’s not perfect, but we’ve been adding new features to the forum, like uploading of images, a more optimized mobile site for viewing, topic reply notifications via emails. We’ve also reduced the amount of spam by enabling the captcha.

We still need your help! Do share with us your feedback on the current forum functions and usability, and a wish list of new features you’d like to see implemented for the forum. We’ll consolidate the requests and prioritize features and fixes to be implemented.

Ability to “like” posts (cuts down on replies).

Ability to view threads most recent post on top (user preference setting).

You need a spam filter. For the first time I found 2 cryptic nonsense messages posted here. WYZened



Being able to view recent posts since last visit is a helpful feature.

A “like” feature is okay by itself, but a thumbs down only encourages trolls.

Now if there was just a way to nuke the trolls who think it’s cute to post gibberish, foreign and domestic.

Dedicated main forum for Feature Requests (and move existing requests scattered about into this new forum, prepend with [MOVED]:slight_smile:

Ability to remove an attached picture while editing a post (haven’t needed to do this lately, but was unable to do this the last time I tried)

Was going to ask for the ability view threads with the most recent post on top, but @RickO beat me to it! :wink:

When submitting a post, bypass “I am not a robot” (reCAPTCHA) if user’s forum points >50? (or whatever # you feel is appropriate)

Persistent login: it seems I have to re-login to the forum multiple times per day. Login cookies should last weeks, not hours.

I like the captcha bypass for frequent flyers idea.

pictures viewed in posts are sometimes cropped. It would nice if they were reduced in size rather than cropped so you can see the whole image without remembering you might need to click on it. ie. Peek-a-boo post.

I have mentioned before, Maybe add the option for the posters general location. After I have logged in I still get the Sign In pop up. As others have said. New posts in BOLD.

Yes, the ability to remove an attachment while editing is needed, as well as seeing the attachments that are there. I posted a response with an image attachment, then after posting noticed I had a typo. I then edited the post, and saw that it didn’t show any attachment, so I thought I needed to attach it again, so I attached the same thing a second time. But then the post displayed with the same attachment twice.

Were you switching between desktop and mobile browser?

Thanks! wow the captcha + forum points idea is fantastic! Let me consolidate all the great ideas in this topic…

Can you screenshot and show an example?

Do you mean a way to view replies and sort them by time?

Liking might be a good way to surface good replies too. How about a upvote/downvote feature like Reddit?

There will be a difference in ideas in any forum, so perhaps a good way to handle that would be through an active conversation? :wink:

Yes that might be possible to add in the profile page. Thanks!

We do have the spam filter turned on, but sometimes a few slip through the cracks. I try to remove them immediately when I see it.

If you paste a URL into a post without using the URL link button on the toolbar, it mangles the display of the post as it tries to insert some kind of preview of the references site. An example can be seen here:


(Post #118611)

When you hit the return key while typing a post, it jumps down two lines instead of one (in Safari on macOS).


Hi Rick,

Yes I’ve noticed that the formatting in that topic became very messed up once the nested replies became too many. Thanks for highlighting this. Will get them to fix it.




Actually, what seems to mess up the formatting is whenever you paste a URL link directly into a post instead of using the URL link tool in the toolbar. So it’s not just that post. Try it, I think you can replicate the issue reliably.

It would be nice, when logging in, if you could by glancing at the various forums, see which ones had new messages (since last login) by making the forums and then the individual threads bold if unread.

Also, a place to see where my recently read threads (perhaps at the bottom of the main forum page).

An option to disable any images by default (not avatars but anyone with an image in the post OR the signature image) to reduce data usage and time spent loading pages.